Pick Hillary’s theme song – part 2

La Clinton is still asking for suggestions on a campaign theme song. She sways at one point to a Celine Dion tune, so guys, do try to control the heart fluttering ;)

The big buzz this week on Clinton has been about a leaked memo from her campaign where her deputy campaign manager Mike Henry made the suggestion that she skip the Iowa caucuses. Hillary’s response: She’ll be competing in Iowa.

While on the subject of Iowa and the 2008 election, Mitt Romney has polled well in Iowa recently. Brian at Iowa Voice has the details.

House passes Iraq war supp without timeline (UPDATE: SENATE PASSES BILL AS WELL)

Finally, after all this wasted time:

WASHINGTON – Bowing to President Bush, the Democratic-controlled House reluctantly approved fresh billions for the Iraq war on Thursday, minus the troop withdrawal timeline that drew his earlier veto.

The 280-142 vote sent the bill to the Senate for final passage, expected later Thursday night.

Democrats and the White House have engaged in fierce debate since January, kicked off by Bush’s request for $100 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to pay for the 30,000 extra troops he is sending to the war zone.

Pelosi, of course, voted against it.

Related: Make sure to check out Spencer Ackerman’s piece on the opinions of a few of our fine gents serving in Iraq on whether or not they think we should cut and run.

Update: The Senate has followed suit and passed the war supp. sans timeline.

Smackdown at the KO Corral

OlbyKeith Olbermann, in his “special comment” from last night, strongly chided Democrats for not being cut and run enough because they caved in on the timeline stipulation in the Iraq war supp.

Robert Cox, as always, does the dirty work and has a ‘special’ recap of last night’s show.

Or, if you want to cut straight to the video, James Joyner’s got it covered.

As expected, the Nutroots are loving it. Not that Keith was trying to pander to the Nutroots, oh no.

Speaking of smackdowns, one of a much more enjoyable variety comes from FoxNews, as Brit Hume and co. put a hurtin’ on The Goracle’s new book Assault on Reason last night. Read/watch the fun here.

Methinks somebody’s not gonna be too happy about being challenged …

“I’m right. You’re wrong. And that’s that.”