Hi …

Just checking in to say hello – had a busy day at the 8-5 and am here at mom and dad’s tonight as mom and I are taking Muffie cat for her annual vet visit tomorrow. Should be fun! Not – poor little gal hates being in that pet taxi!

After that we’ve got a couple house projects we’re going to work on here, so my Saturday is pretty full. I’ll return to blogging Sunday – I am also going to try and liveblog the Dem debate that will take place Sunday night.

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That had to hurt

Mitt Romney on Hillary Clinton’s “shared prosperity” economic plan:

“Her view is the old, classic, European caricature that we describe of big government, big taxation, welfare state,” said the former Massachusetts governor.

“She gave a speech a couple of days ago and laid out her vision for America. And as I listened to her I figured her platform wouldn’t even get her elected in France,” Romney, who was a missionary in France, said to chuckles and applause.

In recent French elections, conservative Nicolas Sarkozy captured the presidency, defeating Segolene Royal in her bid to become France’s first female president.

Ouch …

Ok, great line, Mr. Romney. Now, would you give us the specifics on your immigration plan?