Congress’ approval ratings: Worst in a decade

Posted by: ST on June 12, 2007 at 8:10 am

The majority of those polled said the Congress they are seeing is the same old ‘business as usual’ – and they don’t like it.

Great job of ‘cleaning up Washington, DC’, Speaker Pelosi.

The GOP’s ratings in that poll weren’t so hot, either.

Mark Tapscott wonders: Is it time for a new party?

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8 Responses to “Congress’ approval ratings: Worst in a decade”


  1. Don Surber says:

    First time, tragedy. Second time, farce

  2. Now, if we could only get the national GOP to start talking this up, make it an issue.

  3. Lorica says:

    Ya get what you pay for. This is just a reflection of Congresses attitude for the American People. Let’s face it, if they really cared for the citizens of this great country, they would enforce to border security law they created in Oct of last year. Instead, they want to waste all this money giving amnesty to illegals. Where is our border security?? It failed to stop the guy with TB, how many others get thru because of, whatever stupid reason you can think of. This fight just grows tiresome, I wish the American people would get their head out of the sand. – Lorica

  4. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Looks like a serious case of buyers’ remorse by the voters has set in.

    The Times tried to spin this as a problem only with liberal Democrats, but if you look at the breakdown by party identification (you will need to click on this link and scroll a bit) you will see self-identified independents have a 25%-63% approval-disapproval ratings. For self-identified Republicans, it is 19%-75%. Far from sinking Congress’s ratings, Democrats are the only ones keeping them partially afloat.

    Still, I would like to encourage the Times to continue pushing Democrats towards a “slow-bleed” strategy in Iraq and meaningless gestures such as the failed “no confidence” vote for AG Gonzales. This may be what the Nutroots demands, but the majority of the public will think otherwise. Democrats may have already seriously overplayed their hand.

  5. Tom TB says:

    Since we don’t have a viable third party, I don’t think of registered Independents as swing voters, more like pragmatic voters. Anything to keep these supposed public servants from taking us for granted is a good thing.

  6. forest hunter says:

    As these spoiled childish tantrums continue to pour out from the dhimmi politico’s, one must wonder where indeed are the Statesmen. We’ve seen enough already of the I – me – mine – right now damnit – crowd! Enough of the PC and politicizing for personal favors and *gain*! This slow bleed POLICY of morality needs to end ASAP and get on with the business of securing our country!

    My message to the never ending trick pony shows is simple and I don’t care which party you hail from. You were hired to do a job that you have effectively ignored at the increasing cost of the bewildered masses who voted you into the office for the purpose described in those offices. Put your agenda’s aside and lead like a Statesman or get the hell out of the way!

  7. CZ says:

    The commentors above get it and say all it for me.

    I would like to add that I would like to stay optimistic and hope for a republican victory. Problem is the last republican victory got us nowhere.

    That’s why I, along with many want to see someone like Fred climb into the cockpit and take control. Republican legislators need to be slapped around some.

    Like Ronaldus, Fred may be able to twist the arms of a few ner’-do-well dems and republican chickenbleeps to get this thing back on course again.

    The way to do it is with a big POTUS victory with a majority of voters on board.

    Git-R-Done. :-w

  8. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Congressional approval rating down to 23% in latest Quinnipiac poll.

    That is three polls in a row (Fox, LA Times/Bloomberg, and Quinnipiac) of 29% or less.