Immigration links

Here are some misc. links of interest from around the blogosphere and news outlets as it relates to the immigration bill:

—- Fox News is reporting that the bill is not dead, and that the bill’s proponents are working towards making concessions (gasp!) -including more $$ for a border fence- which they believe might help the bill pass in the Senate the next time around.

—- Lorie Byrd feels similarly to the way I do about how Republicans have handled the debate on this issue. Believe me, there are a lot more out there who share that opinion but who aren’t expressing it publicly because they’re both disgusted and disillusioned like I am that Republicans in general can’t disagree civilly about this.

—- Counseling Kevin is on a similar wavelength, and shares some additional thoughts on the bill.

—- AJ Strata calls for conservatives to find ‘common ground’ on the issue. I’m don’t think that will happen, AJ, at least not until a Democrat takes control of the WH in 2008 and has a Democrat Congress that will make the those conservatives who insinuated and advanced the idea that Bush was a traitor named ‘Jorge’ and ‘in bed with Mexico and big business’ over this issue wish they hadn’t.

—- John Hawkins recently surveyed select rightie bloggers on many issues, among them, the immigration bill. You can read the results of that poll here.


As always, I’m interested in your thoughts on this issue. I’d like to say “thanks” to the participants in the discussion from my prior lengthy post on this topic, who were passionate but kept it civil and thought-provoking. That’s how this discussion should be. I can always count on the commenters to this blog to be a cut above the rest :)

Incompetent liberal bloggers call The Politico incompetent for reporting on the incompetent Reid’s calling General Pace incompetent

What.A.Mess. Captain Ed sorts through it here and links to a Fox News report that notes Reid confirmed the comments he made about Pace.

I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about in the leftosphere. I mean, they are actually feeling insulted that anyone would dare accuse a fellow Democrat of insulting anyone in the military, when in reality it’s well known that the Nutroots left digs it when Democrats take potshots at the military (especially when they come from veterans in the House). This time around though, it appears they’ve looked in the mirror and are trying to deny what they’ve seen. Or more to the point, they are trying to hide their true colors – colors that others have seen and reported on.

Keep up the good work, John Bresnahan!

Update: Here’s a retraction on the ‘he didn’t say that’ retort – sort of.

CNN should change it’s name to MUNN: Making Up News Network

Read this, and become disgusted all over again with CNN (known as Clinton News Network back in the 90s) and some of their dishonest news practices.

I occassionally link to CNN, but mainly their Political Ticker blog, which I consider a daily must-read.

After reading things like this, it makes you realize just how unhinged the Nutroots left actually are for thinking that “Faux News” is the most untrustworthy network.

(Hat tip: ST reader Fat Tone)

Rest in peace, Ruth Graham

Ruth Bell Graham, wife of the Rev. Billy Graham, passed away today at 5:05 pm. She was 87.

“Ruth was my life partner, and we were called by God as a team,” Billy Graham said in a statement. “No one else could have borne the load that she carried. She was a vital and integral part of our ministry, and my work through the years would have been impossible without her encouragement and support.

“I am so grateful to the Lord that He gave me Ruth, and especially for these last few years we’ve had in the mountains together. We’ve rekindled the romance of our youth, and my love for her continued to grow deeper every day. I will miss her terribly, and look forward even more to the day I can join her in Heaven.”

She will be buried at the Billy Graham Library Museum (scroll) in Charlotte.

My condolences to the Graham family.

The Reverend himself suffers from a multitude of health issues, including prostate cancer and Parkinson’s, so I have to wonder how long he will be able to hang on, especially considering he just lost the love of his life.

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Abbas dissolves Palestinian government – declares state of emergency

Via CNN:

GAZA CITY (CNN) — President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government and declared a state of emergency Thursday after four days of fighting that has left Hamas in control of much of Gaza, an aide to the Palestinian leader said.

The move comes after Hamas announced Thursday that Gaza is now under its Islamic rule, the first step to becoming an Islamic state.

Under the state of emergency, Abbas will have the authority replace the current Hamas Cabinet with his Fatah allies. The temporary Cabinet would have to be approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council after 30 days.

Currently, there is no government control in Gaza, according to Palestinian legislator Saeb Erakat.

“Gaza is now officially out of our control as the Palestinian Authority,” said Erakat, who is aligned with the Fatah party.

He blamed a “renegade force” in Gaza for staging a “major coup d’etat.”

“This is a coup against the president, against the Palestinian people, and against the Palestinian cause,” Erakat told CNN.

He called the situation “very, very grave” and said the violence is “setting us back 50 years at least.”

Meanwhile, Hamas continued to put pressure on Fatah fighters in Gaza after seizing key security installations across the Palestinian territory.

Still think Hamas is not a terrorist organization, Jimmy Carter?

Gateway Pundit has much, much more on this developing story.