“I don’t think [Coulter] has any shame”

So sayeth the man who wants to be Panderer, er, Commander in Chief:

A day after his wife Elizabeth called in to MSNBC’s “Hardball” to confront conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards made his own appearance on the show.

He dismissed Coulter, calling her “mean-spirited” having no shame and being “crazy.” He defended his wife’s efforts to ask Coulter to drop her personal attacks, saying, “You have to stand up to them.”

“I don’t think [Coulter] has any shame; there’s no doubt about that” Edwards said. “I think that’s just the way she behaves. That’s who she is. And I think that’s a lot of what we see from these people who are just — that are crazy.”

Neither do you, pal. Neither do you.

8 thoughts on ““I don’t think [Coulter] has any shame”

  1. Ann made liz sound like she is just a kook married to an even bigger wealthier kook who charges thousands to speak to a poverty group and drove many fine OB/GYN docs out of the business of delivering many beautiful baby girls and boys.
    I am truly sorry about her cancer but she needs to SHUT THE HELL UP, Ann is smarter and quicker and will one up ya in a heartbeat.

  2. Follow da money! This is *really* about Edwards’ problems raising campaign cash, and little else! :-s

  3. “In the end I was the mean girl
    Or somebody’s in-between girl
    Now it’s the devil I love
    And that’s as funny as real love”

    –Neko Case “That Teenage Feeling,” from her CD “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood”


  4. If mr. and Mrs. Edwards cannot handle criticism from Ann coulter how will they handle Chavez calling them a devil if he would win the white house…this is not the PTA. hes running for…

  5. I watched of clip of Lying Lizzy on CNN. Lying Lizzy when asked about the Bill Maher jihad comment, denied being aware of Maher’s comments. Yet Ann Coulter referenced Maher in the very same Today Show cllp that is supposed to have sent Lying Lizzy over the edge. The point is that Lying Lizzy could not have seen Coulter’s jihad comments without hearing her reference to Haher. They’re on the some clip, which the Sister posted.

    Lizzy Lied.

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