Ward Churchill sues the University of Colorado

Posted by: ST on July 26, 2007 at 9:00 am

Saw this one coming a mile away:

DENVER – A professor who was fired after comparing some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi sued the school Wednesday, saying officials retaliated against him for exercising his right to free speech.

Ward Churchill was ousted by the University of Colorado’s governing Board of Regents after three faculty committees accused him of plagiarism, fabrication and other research misconduct.

Churchill, a tenured professor of ethnic studies, had triggered a national outcry with an essay comparing some World Trade Center victims to Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann.

The Regents said his dismissal was based on other writings and that his firing was unrelated to his Sept. 11 comments. The academic investigation did not include the Sept. 11 essay but began after university officials concluded it was protected by the First Amendment and that he could not be fired for writing it.

Churchill has denied the research misconduct allegations and called the investigation “a farce” and “a fraud.”

His lawsuit, filed in Denver District Court, charged that after the essay came to light, “the university vowed to examine every word ever written or spoken by Professor Churchill in an effort to find some excuse for terminating his employment.”

In light of things like this, and this, I’d say the fired Churchill has an uphill battle on his hands. I don’t see him getting anywhere with this lawsuit. He’s probably hoping that the University will settle with him. They say they won’t, and I hope that in the heat of the battle they don’t back down from that.

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    1. The Game says:

      My blog is being attacked by stupid liberals giving all of us a headache…come on over and help get rid of them!!!

    2. Angevin13 says:

      Don’t you love how the AP makes it seem as though Churchill was fired because of his remarks, as if his firing was a free speech, academic freedom issue?

      You’re right – he’s probably hoping for a settlement. Hopefully, CU won’t back down from him. Churchill hates the U.S. so much he saw fit and necessary to go so far as to fabricate evidence in support of his ludicrous and unsubstantiated views – views that may not have gotten a hearing in the first place at such an institution as CU (without, mind you, the proper credential of a Doctorate degree) had he not falsified his own ethnic identity. The evidence is egregious and overwhelming.

    3. Tom TB says:

      I have been aware of Ward Churchill ever since he referred to me, my co-workers, and tenants at the World Trade Center as having been “little Eichmanns”; I guess he meant deserving death. This guy is a fraud, but a clever one. He knew what academic buttons to push. They need a Native American studies professor? Presto! He’s a Keetowah Band of Cherokee member. They want a Vietnam vet, all of a sudden this guy who was assigned to the motor pool and was a movie projectionist becomes a paratrooper and a sniper. He didn’t have a PhD which is required generally in hiring History Profs, but I guess his long hair, feathers and beads gave him a pass. I’m sure he has a following among the young blame America for all the ills of the Earth crowd, but that’s it.

    4. Vatar says:

      Not only was he tenured, but he was chairman of the Ethnic Studies department, with no PhD.

    5. Angevin13 says:

      Excellent point Vatar. I’d add that the degrees he does have are in “communications” which further calls into question his fitness for being an ethnic studies professor (whatever that is) in the first place…