Moonbat of the week “Harto” responds

Posted by: ST on August 7, 2007 at 11:54 pm

… to my post giving him the distinguished “Moonbat of the Week” honors.

The Absolute Moral Authority card has been played:

You know what, Dumbass?

My son is one of those troops.

What have you ante’d up?

It would appear, sadly, that Harto is one of those types of liberals who believe if you don’t have a loved one in the military than you have no right to comment on matters of war, aka the “chickenhawk” argument.

No problem. I have plenty of readers of this blog who have either served in the military (or in a siupport role, such as NC Cop) or have a loved one who has. Since “Harto” apparently feels that it’s only those people who have the right to comment, I encourage those who have served in the military past and/or present, or in roles supporting the military, to address Harto’s comments he tried to make tonight on this blog (above), the comments he made about “Scott Thomas” which I referenced in this post (the last link) – sampling here:

Do you get it? Do you understand why these little Joe McCarthys MUST be opposed? Do you understand the danger that Michael Goldfarb and his self-appointed inquisitors have placed Scott Thomas Beauchamp for having SPOKEN? For telling us about a war whose COFFINS are shrouded less in flags than secrecy, because this “government” doesn’t want us to see the children, the sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers that are being killed an a relentless fashion by the inhabitants of a country that we invaded to suppposedly return to them, after removing Saddam Hussein.

So why in hell are we STILL there? And what is our moral justification for anger at THEM for killing their occupiers. Were the situation reversed, I’d be killing occupying troops, too. No matter whether their propaganda machine called me an “insurgent” a “rebel” a “guerilla” a “terrorist” a “christianist” or whatever. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but IUDs are really tough to stop.

… and of course the ones he wrote which made me decide to declare him “Moonbat of the Week” to begin with.

A lot of readers who post here share most of my views on the war in Iraq, so any comments from any of them who have served in the military or supporting roles should be sufficient enough to overcome the “Absolute Moral Authority” card he tried to play tonight (although I know the left loves to figure out ways to disqualify military opinions with which they disagree).

Just remember, Harto: You asked for it.

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19 Responses to “Moonbat of the week “Harto” responds”


  1. Ryan says:

    Ah yes, love the playing of the Absolute Moral Authority Card. Beautiful.

  2. Baklava says:

    6 years in the Navy – but that does not matter…..

    What matters?

    Simply put….

    Freedom of speech

    Who has it?

    ST does
    my twin sister
    my brother
    my two daughters
    My mom
    My dad who also served
    My grandfather who also served

    ALL of them including my 8 and 11 year old daughters who understand that we all have a right to express our opinions.

    One final note about your condescending tone. It reminds me of this post.


    I came across a passage in which De Mille, a newlywed whose husband has gone off to fight World War II (he was to remain abroad for the two remaining years of the war but returned unharmed), describes some of the conversations she endured at social events during her long wait:

    For dark, personal reasons, many people could not resist this chance at cruelty. There were the intellectuals who demanded aggressively if we believed in war and asked across our dinner tables did we relish the idea of being the widows of dead heroes?

    This is just my perspective. Realize that our dreams and goals are noble and you’ll go farther in your ability to persuade.

  3. CZ says:

    “Do you get it? Do you understand why these little Joe McCarthys MUST be opposed?”

    That sounds way too much like Ward Churchill’s “Little Eichmans” comment for me to give a dang.


  4. Steve Skubinna says:

    I refuse to even respond to a chickenhawk argument. Nobody has any business setting litmus tests under which I am entitled to form or express any opinion. It’s a brutal thuggish tactic played by cowards and intellectual midgets to stifle debate.

    Yes, more projection from the totalitarian left – all the behaviors they keep screaming are displayed by the right, but performed on the left.

    Somebody point out to harto that he hasn’t anted up anything, absent his own damn feet on the ground. No claiming legitimacy by proxy. Unless he ships his own dumbass to Iraq he can, under his own rules of enagement, STFU.

  5. Great White Rat says:

    Harto, first off, I’m a Vietnam vet, so don’t try playing your inane chickenhawk card on me.

    It’s clear you have absolutely no conception of who or what we’re fighting. Try this on: we’re in a war against a cult of fanatics with a 7th-century mentality who will not be satisfied until their ideal of a caliphate is realized. Anyone who isn’t on board with that dream is to be killed. Try wrapping your brain around that: they don’t just want me, or ST, or Ryan, or Bak, or CZ, or Steve dead. They want YOU dead. They don’t care if you voted for Kerry, helped ACORN file fake voter registrations, drive a Prius, or donate to PETA. Or even if you’re gay. They want you DEAD. Especially if you’re gay, I might add.

    So the question is, what part of all that is so hard for you to understand? Because clearly you can’t grasp it.

    All of which means that right now the only thing keeping the head-choppers away from me and you are a few thousand young Americans of tremendous courage, skill and professionalism. They’re engaging that enemy in a barren environment where they can get shot at any time, while people like you don’t even want them to return fire without checking with a lawyer first. Worse, you’re happy to see lies like the garbage TNR published, lies that defame them. Gotta wonder why that is.

    Do you really think there’s nothing here worth preserving? Is that why you’re willing to concede this war?
    Whether it’s that, or just pure hysterical hatred, that cause people like you and Beauchamp to spew your poison, I don’t know, and I don’t care.

    You don’t wish to fight against this? No sweat. Better men than you are willing to fight for your right to be craven in the face of threats.

    But in one very real sense, all of us are on the front lines in this war. AQ knows that their only chance to win this conflict is for us to give up. That’s our potential weak point. They can’t match us economically, militarily, or socially. Their only chance is to convince us to commit suicide. And you’re more than happy to do it – my guess is that you’ll do it just for some fleeting taste of power for your party. Pathetic.

  6. camojack says:

    I’m a veteran too…but I think Great White Rat has summed it all up quite succinctly. **==

  7. Severian says:

    Well, considering that Beuchamp’s story gives the impression that all the soldiers are all barbarians committing war crimes, and Harto claims to have a son over there, what kind of morally conflicted person want’s Beuchamp’s stuff to be true when it essentially says their offspring is a war criminal? I think Harto’s anger hints more at a deep guilt at having a son who obviously does not share Harto’s world view, and is hated for that, and who Harto deep down believes is a war criminal and hates, again causing deep conflict and confusion. It’s tough to hate your own kid eh Harto?

  8. PCD says:

    Harto is a sick B*****. To echo an earlier poster, we are all on the front lines of terror.

    A couple of years ago I Had to leave my mailbox door open, or open it with a long pole. Why? Some sicko with an agenda was planting bombs in our mailboxes. A route carrier and a couple of civilians were hurt when the bombs planted in their mailboxes went off when they opened the mailbox door.

    The perp was a college kid who went off the deep end, but he was spouting the same crap as Harto and a number of the leftwing visitors here. Who says AlQaeda couldn’t do the same?

  9. Tom TB says:

    “What have you ante’d up?” Well, since we have an all volunteer military and there’s no slavery or involuntary servitude, I ante-up by supporting our troops. By the way, does anyone know whether this Harto actually has a son in the service?

  10. Severian says:

    By the way, does anyone know whether this Harto actually has a son in the service?

    Why, are you implying that a moonbat like Harto would actually lie?!?! Heaven forbid the thought! :-"

    If he/she/it does, their son must be ashamed of them, and must have enlisted just to get the hell away from their moonbat parents. Hence the conflicted love/hate relationship where Harto insists that an idiot posting that his/her/its son is a war criminal must be accurate.

  11. Leslie says:

    Harto, step up and receive your Moonbat award. You earned it, pal.

    Props to GWR.


  12. NC Cop says:

    What exactly is an IUD anyway? Perhaps Harto got it confused with DUI????

  13. Severian says:

    IUD – inter-uterine device, a form of birth control Harto’s mom wishes she used. :-"

  14. Lorica says:

    Sev that probably isn’t true, otherwise she wouldn’t have this wonderful Grandchild that she can be so proud of. Who’s heart is to help the people of Iraq become a free people. Freedom It’s not just for anyone, it’s for Everyone!!

    Our Founding Fathers Never would have used such guilt to shut up their opposition. Many of them sacrificed all and more so that we could be a free people. Millions upon Millions of people have come here to this country so that they too might be free. Many went back to their homelands to export the ideas of this Republic of our Founding Fathers. I thank God everyday for their sacrifice, and I thank God everyday for the Men and Women with the Honor, and Courage to Sacrifice all for the Free People of Iraq. Lord We just ask You to Bless them. – Lorica

  15. Severian says:

    Sev that probably isn’t true, otherwise she wouldn’t have this wonderful Grandchild that she can be so proud of. Who’s heart is to help the people of Iraq become a free people.

    True, you’re right, sometimes a parent has to take the long view on things like this.

    Often I despair about the “youth” of today when I see or read about the incredible, immature slackers we seem to be producing. Then I either read, or interact with at work, the young men and women who make up our Armed Forces, and they restore that hope and make me proud. For as bad as the slackers are, the young people I meet in the services are such dedicated professionals, so sharp, so polite, so dedicated to their cause, that they make you have hope for the future. It amazes me we can still produce people like this, our future depends on it. That’s why, despite the whining of folks like Harto, who seem to think that only they care about troop casualties, I and people like me deeply feel the loss of each and every one of our noble troops. They represent the best of us, sacrificing so that liberal slackers can sit in their local Starbucks whining about everything this country does. The left only cares about their losses as a means to an end, the right cares deeply about the people themselves, but also realizes there are things worth the sacrifice, no matter how hard it is.

  16. Ryan says:

    IUD – inter-uterine device, a form of birth control Harto’s mom wishes she used.

    I was gonna ask if anyone knew why “Harto” was referring to an intrauterine device.

  17. Terrye says:

    Who knows, maybe the son joined up to get away from Mom.

    But this is a voluntary military, no one dragged anyone off the back porch and shipped him or her to boot camp.

    We are in Iraq to fight terrorists and help stabilize a strategic country vital to our national security. And as far as people trying to kill our men, it seems to me that most of the victims are innocent civilians who Harto wants us to abandon to genocide.

    So much for moral authority. I am childless, but I have had relatives join and serve in Iraq.

  18. Severian says:

    Who knows, maybe the son joined up to get away from Mom.

    I’ve always suspected that was true of Jihad Cindy Sheehan’s son. Which may be one of the root causes of her nuttiness, she feels she drove him into the military and he got killed, so the guilt has metastasized into this “it’s Bush’s fault!” mental illness she suffers from.

  19. y7 says:

    No. Anyone can comment on the use of the military, it IS the nation’s military, whether they know anyone who has served or not. People are allowed to comment on how their tax dollars are spent. Hence the whole, “taxation without representation” fight.

    BUT, only people that have served, the hawks, should be able to use the chickenhawk slur. Note, however, the slur would die quickly if that were the only application. We are a pragmatic bunch. We understand the “sacrifice the few for the many” statement and, face it, we volunteered to be “the few.”

    Oh, and only those serving in a current operation can use it as well. We will call that the “Kerry Clause.”

    Please disseminate.