Moonbat of the week “Harto” responds

… to my post giving him the distinguished “Moonbat of the Week” honors.

The Absolute Moral Authority card has been played:

You know what, Dumbass?

My son is one of those troops.

What have you ante’d up?

It would appear, sadly, that Harto is one of those types of liberals who believe if you don’t have a loved one in the military than you have no right to comment on matters of war, aka the “chickenhawk” argument.

No problem. I have plenty of readers of this blog who have either served in the military (or in a siupport role, such as NC Cop) or have a loved one who has. Since “Harto” apparently feels that it’s only those people who have the right to comment, I encourage those who have served in the military past and/or present, or in roles supporting the military, to address Harto’s comments he tried to make tonight on this blog (above), the comments he made about “Scott Thomas” which I referenced in this post (the last link) – sampling here:

Do you get it? Do you understand why these little Joe McCarthys MUST be opposed? Do you understand the danger that Michael Goldfarb and his self-appointed inquisitors have placed Scott Thomas Beauchamp for having SPOKEN? For telling us about a war whose COFFINS are shrouded less in flags than secrecy, because this “government” doesn’t want us to see the children, the sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers that are being killed an a relentless fashion by the inhabitants of a country that we invaded to suppposedly return to them, after removing Saddam Hussein.

So why in hell are we STILL there? And what is our moral justification for anger at THEM for killing their occupiers. Were the situation reversed, I’d be killing occupying troops, too. No matter whether their propaganda machine called me an “insurgent” a “rebel” a “guerilla” a “terrorist” a “christianist” or whatever. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but IUDs are really tough to stop.

… and of course the ones he wrote which made me decide to declare him “Moonbat of the Week” to begin with.

A lot of readers who post here share most of my views on the war in Iraq, so any comments from any of them who have served in the military or supporting roles should be sufficient enough to overcome the “Absolute Moral Authority” card he tried to play tonight (although I know the left loves to figure out ways to disqualify military opinions with which they disagree).

Just remember, Harto: You asked for it.

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