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October 2007

Next week’s election in Charlotte, NC

Next Tuesday, Charlotteans will be take to the polls to vote in the mayoral race (where RINO Pat McRory will likely win another term). Also on the ballot is a vote on school bonds, as well as a major issue that has developed in Charlotte over the last several years: the half cent transit tax Charlotte citizens voted in favor of in 1998 in order to pay for a “transportation solutions” for Charlotte, including a “light rail” system we don’t need. The vote is whether or not to repeal that half cent tax, due to the fact that not only do we not really need light rail, but the cost of the light rail system is way, way, way, wayyyyyyyy over budget. Once that was discovered, just about every top city official feigned ignorance, and promised to “get to the bottom of it” – which of course, they didn’t do......   [Read More]

Hillary’s composed veneer cracks at last night’s debate

If you’re like me, you didn’t bother watching last night’s Democratic debate because you probably had better things to do – like watch the leaves fall or something. Seriously, last night’s debate proved to be the one to watch, as Hillary Clinton made her first official “noticeable” mistake: her facade started to crumble, the day before Halloween no less. Of course, being the frontrunner, the other candidates were targeting her, but the Senator proved she didn’t need much prodding to to prove that on the issue of giving illegals driver’s licenses in NY – as ordered by New York Governor Eliot Spitzer – she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Here’s the relevant part of the transcript:.....   [Read More]