Drumroll, please … (MON/TUES OPEN THREAD)

And I’m talking about the kind of drumroll Clark Griswold got from his family when he tried to light up his house for Christmas the first time around, because I’m just as big a Christmas geek as he is :D

In case you’ve never seen the movie Christmas Vacation, here’s the scene I’m talking about:

Isn’t it funny how even when you consolidate Christmas decorations every year, and feel like you’ve accomplished something, you take them all out the next year and realize upon closer inspection that you didn’t really consolidate much after all – and furthermore just added to it a few days ago when you went out and bought extra decorations that were on sale at a too-good-to-be-true price?

Sigh …

Saturday I spent the day shopping for gifts and ended up buying more decorations. Sunday was “organizing” day as I sifted through what I had just bought and what I already had in yet another attempt to – surprise! – consolidate decorations. Didn’t have much success on that front. Tonight, I was all revved up to finally decorate the tree and finish up the downstairs decorating, but what did I forget? The lights. Out of all the new decorations I got this past week, I left off what you’re supposed to put on the tree first. So me and my bum-ified self shoved on a thick fleece jacket and drove up to Rite Aid to get me a strand of color lights and a Sprite.

Didn’t take but about 45 seconds to get the lights on the tree :)

Without further ado, here is the official Christmas tree de la casa de ST, just moments after the tree lighting ceremony:

Yeah, I know it’s not a huge tree, but it’s perfect for my little home. It’s a 3ft. tree, which I purchased about a week ago. I gave the 4ft. pre-lit away, as I wanted a tree that looked a little fuller, and that was also easier to decorate. Pictured in the background right next to the left side of the tree is my Santa hat, which is there purely for decoration, as I won’t be hosting Christmas this year (I hosted TGiving). To the right, on the door, is a permanent hot pink sticky note to remind me to turn off my alarm every morning :D . In that little mirror behind the tree is a reflection of the Santa Claus Christmas card holder, which is hanging on my downstairs bathroom door.

Finally, at long last, all the decorating is done.

Now, if I could just finish up the gift shopping …

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