A message for Osama bin Laden

Michael Yon tells OBL not to expect a triumphant 2008:

Here’s a news flash for Osama bin Laden, who earlier today released a call “to guerrilla forces in Mesopotamia.

I have directly observed how more and more Iraqis have grown to hate al Qaeda as much as Americans do. Al Qaeda has lost all credibility there, both from a religious standpoint as well as strategically. Even Western media seems to be gradually awakening to the realization that al Qaeda press releases on the topic of Iraq are about as well-informed as the post-invasion rantings of Baghdad Bob. (Everytime Osama bin Laden talks of crushing the infidel, I can’t help but think of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf pointing vigorously skyward and practically spitting at the reporters: “We are crushing the American army as we speak!”)

Al Qaeda terrorists can continue to murder Iraqis and Americans at the behest of Osama, but their tactics will only backfire. Osama will no more own Iraq than he will own America. His is a lost cause. Not because of decisive military defeats, (although these have helped) but because decent Iraqi people from all quarters, sects and regions of Iraq have had enough of his people cutting off heads of children.

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