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January 2008

The State of the Conservative Union: Not Good

I know the fireworks are just starting in the Dem debate, but something far more pressing is occurring and that is the disarray of the Republican party.  I wanted to repost something I just posted over at Hot Air – it’s part of what I’ve been working on most of the day today – the post I’ve promised on Romney, McCain, and the state of the Republican party (or more importantly, conservatives).  I’ve edited and added some stuff to this post that I couldn’t do at HA, because it has already been posted.  Some of the points I made in the following post I made in my last one – and in the comments section of it, so sorry if parts seem repetitive.  I wrote this after reading some of the comments at HA and other blogs, message boards, conservative sites like NRO, and opinion pieces over the last week or so......   [Read More]