Feel-good story of the weekend

WFAA reports on an 80 y/o WWII veteran and former firefighter who refused to be a victim. Suffice it to say his home is most definitely not a “gun free zone”:

Investigators say they were definitely going to rob him – possibly even kill him.

But an 80-year-old North Texan wasn’t about to let that happen, so he took action.

One of the suspects is in the hospital and both are facing charges.

Two men obviously thought James Pickett, 80, was an easy target when they showed up at his home on Saturday with a knife.

“He just came through that door, stabbing and beating,” said Pickett.

Captain Clint Pullin said it looked as though the men wanted to kill him.

But before you worry too much about Pickett, learn a bit more about him.

He’s a WWII veteran, former firefighter and lifelong John Wayne devotee.

In short, even at 80, he is someone you just don’t mess with.

What the men didn’t know is Picket had taken a pistol and put it in his pocket before opening the door.

“He jumped and turned and I shot him,” Picket said.

The two brothers, Paul and Holden Perry, ran but didn’t get far before calling an ambulance.

A bullet just missed Paul Perry’s spine.

“The only problem was I run out of bullets,” Picket said.

There’s video at that link of an interview WFAA did with Pickett, where you can see his arsenal. He’s cut up pretty bad, but he’s fiesty, and warns the two perps not to come back. It’s awesome.

Mr. Pickett, this one’s for you:

Hat tip: Don Surber


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