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For your viewing pleasure, check out this interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, where he absurdly claims that no one is forced to pay income taxes and that they are, in reality, “voluntary”:

I think the “D” in (D-NV) stands for “Delusional.”

Thanks to ST reader GWR for sending the link :))

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Remember several months ago, when John McCain took a question from a supporter who called Hillary Clintion the “b” word? The outrage stretched out for miles, and among those stridently condemning McCain for not taking the supporter to task was hypocritical View co-host Joy Behar, who had this to say in response:

SHEPHERD: What I’m saying is the same could be said, she felt Hillary Clinton was a bitch. And so she said it.

BEHAR: No, that’s a personal assault on the woman.

SHEPHERD: You do personal assaults on President Bush.

BEHAR: Yes, I do.

SHEPHERD: So what’s the difference? What’s the difference?

BEHAR: The difference is that I don’t like him.


SHEPHERD: What’s the difference? She didn’t like her.

GOLDBERG: And this woman doesn’t like her.

I wonder if Behar’s outrage will be just as strident once she reads this:

From prostitutes yesterday to whores today — and people wander why politics is so entertaining. Randi Rhodes, the drive-time radio personality for Air America, the liberal talk radio network, now says HRC’s “a whore.” Geraldine Ferraro, too.

The audio is at that same link.

Will we hear/read the same outrage expressed by The Usual Suspects who often go ballistic when they think a conservative talk radio host is being too mean to their candidate, and who thought McCain should have stepped up and condemned the supporter’s remarks about Hillary, or will they largely consider it yawn-worthy because it’s “one of their own” who is crossing the bounds of decency (not that it hasn’t happened before, of course)? I vote the latter.


Any drinkers of Absolut Vodka out there? You may want to boycott the brand, after reading about an ad they ran in a Mexican magazine in which they portrayed the US and Mexico as looking like this (h/t: James Joyner):

Here’s their contact info, in case you want to voice your disgust (via MM):

Jeffrey Moran
Director of Public Relations and Events
The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.
1370 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Phone, direct: +1 212 641 87 20

Update – 6:06 PM: Wonders never will cease. Liberal Democrats are outraged after all. ST reader NC Cop notes in the comments that Air America has suspended Randi Rhodes:

Air America radio has suspended talk show host Randi Rhodes for what has been described as an appalling rant against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro.

Rhodes used obscene language in her choice remarks during a March 22 appearance in San Francisco, sponsored by an Air America affiliate station. In a statement issued on the liberal radio network’s Web site, Air America chairman Charlie Kireker said that kind of salty talk has no place in the political dialogue.

“Air America encourages strong opinions about public affairs but does not condone such abusive, ad hominem language by our hosts” reads the statement by Kireker, issued on Thursday.

LMAO – so “joking” about assassinating the President is just fine, but calling two prominent Democrat women “whores” is worthy of a suspension. Got it.

Ferraro is, you guessed it, outraged:

Ferraro said Rhodes should be fired.

“What did they do with Don Imus when he went after the young black team who was playing basketball with kind of the same language? Treat them both the same” Ferraro told FOX News. “She’s coming at me and Hillary in a … sexist way”

Ferraro added that her comments about Obama were blown out of proportion and taken out of context so that the race card could be played, which was apparently effective since she has received a considerable amount of hate mail.

“To incite people with language like this young woman just did on radio is very, very dangerous because … some people take this stuff so seriously that it can affect your security” she said.

Please. If anything “incites” people to carry out attacks on a public figure it’s another popular public figure treating assassination as if it’s something “entertaining” that should be laughed about. As usual, we see a Democrat – in this case, a Clinton supporter – utilizing the Bill Clinton “it’s hate radio’s fault” line. Very telling how they only do that when it’s their ox being gored, eh?

Here’s a video of Rhodes’ remarks:

Michelle Obama: My husband will always be the underdog no matter what

It’s hard to understand exactly what Michelle “this country is just downright mean” Obama is saying here:

With Obama now leading in the national polls, Michelle Obama said she has seen how the bar for her husband has been consistently raised this year, and how he has met each of the challenges.

“The irony is that’s what’s going on for regular folks in this country” she said. “The truth of the American experience today for many regular folks is that folks are trying to reach a bar that just keeps moving.”

But, Obama said she still believes her husband is the underdog in the race.

“We are gonna need Pennsylvania” she said. “Because in this ever-shifting, moving bar, Barack Obama will always be the underdog. No matter how much money he raises, no matter how many wins he pulls together, no matter how many delegates he accumulates; he is still the underdog. It’s the way it works.”

Carol Platt Liebau speculates:

What isn’t is clear is what she means when she insists that because of an “ever-shifting, moving bar,” her husband is doomed to perpetual underdog status because “it’s the way it works.”

Is she asserting the presence of a racial double standard — racial victimization talk that once again suggests that she has shared Jeremiah Wright’s views every bit as much as her husband, if not more? If not, to what does she attribute her husband’s position as eternal underdog no matter what?

I think there’s a good deal of merit to Carol’s argument. IMO, it boils down to straight up playing the victim card. Liberal Democrats like Michelle Obama know that one of the most surefire ways to win over people is to portray another group of people, or in this case, a person, as a ‘victim’ of our “downright mean” society. This stirs up feelings of both sympathy and anger, and spurs people on to want to ‘correct’ the allleged ‘injustice.’

Let’s keep in mind, though, that barring an unlikely collapse of his campaign, Obama is poised to stay ahead in the delegate count, and continues to out-fundraise all candidates, and it’s all happened, in part, with the eager help of our mainstream media, who have treated him like a messiah by giving him, dare I say, affirmative action-like fawning coverage. Considering all that, it’s unclear whether MO was speaking out of deliberate or genuine ignorance, because no one can seriously look at Barack Obama and where he stands now and credibly view him as an “underdog.”

I should note that she was speaking at a rally at Carnegie Mellon University alongside … Teresa Heinz Kerry. Talk about two peas in a pod.

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