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An answer for Jeff Taylor – sorta

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After the Carolina Tarheels trailed the Kansas Jayhawks as much as 28 points in the final four playoff game the ‘heels eventually lost on Saturday, Jeff Taylor over at The John Locke Foundation’s Meck Deck blog wondered: That was beyond ugly. Reminded me nothing so much as one of those college bowl beatdowns where you […]


The audacity of living beyond your means

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4/9 Update: Read more commentary on this story here. ——- Remember what I wrote earlier today about how visiting Harrisburg, NC was perfect for Ms. Down on Her Country Michelle Obama in terms of how she would try to “relate” to the poor and middle class people who live there, many of whom are struggling […]


Senator Jay Rockefeller on McCain’s Vietnam service (MORE: APOLOGY ISSUED)

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The junior Senator from West Virginia, fresh off of endorsing Barack Obama for president, had this to say about the man who will be Obama’s opponent should he get the Dem nomination (via Jake Tapper): Rockefeller criticized Sen. John McCain, the presumed Republican nominee for president. “Senator McCain does have a temper. But today, he […]


Obama asserts that his VP selection would be “somebody who knows about a bunch of stuff that I’m not as expert on”

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The LA Times Top of the Ticket blog provides us with the Barack Obama quote of the week: At a closed San Francisco fundraiser Sunday evening, previewed here earlier on the weekend, the Illinois senator, who leads in delegates and the popular vote sounded a little defensive as he fielded a question on what he’s […]


General David Petraeus appears on Capitol Hill for another round

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MM is liveblogging the latest round of posturing going on on Capitol Hill from opportunistic politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker prepare to brief congressional ‘leaders’ on where we stand on progress in Iraq. If you’d like to show your support for the General, here’s a […]


Politico’s 50 greatest political moments over the last half century

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Take a trip down memory lane by reading The Politico’s article on what they believe to be the 50 greatest political moments of the past 50 years. Make sure to scroll down to view the links to the various sections they have, including the ones on “great debates” and “famous gaffes.” Good reading. Have anything […]