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May 2008

Liveblogging the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting (FINAL UPDATE: COMMITTEE VOTES – CLINTON NETS 24 DELEGATES)

CSPAN‘s broadcasting it live both on TV and on their website. Looks like the DNC elites are behind this morning as no one is seated at this point and it’s 9:30. Perhaps they are a little behind because their dinner engagement went on until 2 this morning. Most of the CSPAN callers this morning are pro-Obama. One “Independent” caller suggested that Democrats should just take Bush and Cheney out of the office, skip impeachment, and make Al Gore president and Obama VP......   [Read More]

The mediots’ pro-Obama bias continues to shine through

It’s no longer even debatable that the mainstream media are in the tank for Barry O. (see the latest example here). Should he happen to win the presidential election in the fall, it will be due to, in no small part, their willingness to cover for him in ways that their former favorite Democrat Bill Clinton can now only salivate over and whine about......   [Read More]