What he said

Hey ya’ll – having another busy day but wanted to link up quickly to this post written by the Captain where he analyzes last night’s Democrat win in what had been known to be a GOP stronghold in District 1 in MS. I think Ed’s post accurately sums up the dire straits the GOP finds itself in.

The GOP clearly hasn’t learned the lessons it needed to in the aftermath of the blowout they suffered in 2006. When you stop listening to your constituency, and your primary method of campaigning is to keep saying, “well, I’m not the other guy,” and on top of that you show no interest in learning from your mistakes, then eventually your base of support is going to get restless, irritated, and upset and will start withholding the support you’ve taken advantage of for years, and you’ll see disappointing results like you did in the MS-01 race.

I’m not looking forward to this fall’s Congressional elections at all. Our only hope of staving off a complete Democrat rout is for McCain to win. No, he’s certainly not the ideal candidate, but he’ll hold strong on Iraq, and will be a good steward of the taxpayers’ dime, something we won’t get at all from a Democrat administration and Congress that wants everything from your healthcare, college education, and 401Ks to be controlled by the federal gov’t. The only questions are if he can win over reluctant conservatives, and if he’ll be able to counter the liberal media’s overwhelming bias for Barack Obama. :-?

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