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June 9, 2008

Obama hypocrisy watch

Barry Oh! has been out on the stump today in North Carolina criticizing his opponent on the issue of the economy and gas prices, but what he’s not telling people about are the ties his campaign has to evil subprime lenders, lenders who both he and his legions of supporters/followers have relentlessly attacked the last several months (as part of the overall downturn of the economy), especially when some of those same supporters tried to tie McCain to the subprime lending ‘crisis’ several months ago......   [Read More]

Bush “lied”?

A report issued Thursday by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the administration’s pre-war claims about Iraq was used by partisan Democrats to strongly imply that the administration “lied” about the justifications used for the Iraq war. Of course, many Democrats, both in Congress and in the punditocracy, have been claiming for years that the admin “lied” about WMDs, AQ in Iraq, and just about every other piece of intelligence used to justify going to war with Iraq. And now they are using this report as some type of “definitive proof” of it......   [Read More]