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June 2008, Page 2

Weekend open thread

One of my sisters had a bday earlier this week and today she, me, mom and my other sister are getting together for our 4 times a year girls day out I’ll probably end up taking the whole day off from blogging unless something hot pops up in the news, because I need at least a day off the comp. to relax and breathe. The 8-5 has been crazy busy, which is good considering the economy and the uneven ground it seems to be on right now – so I’m not complaining about that because work=job security, but I do wish I had more time in the day to blog. Sometimes I come home at night and I’m just beat, but this is my real passion so I do what I can in the evenings to make up for what I sometimes can’t do during the day. It’s a labor o’ love, for sure … .....   [Read More]