Stuck On Stupid: Tuesday Edition

Posted by: ST on August 12, 2008 at 10:47 pm

I hate to do this, but some things must be said, so here goes:

—– First up: Jake Tapper.  Tapper’s done some excellent work over the last few months helping expose Barry Oh! as a smooth-talking double-speaker, but he veered way off course with a blog post he wrote today titled “Count the Young White Women in McCain’s Anti-Obama Video.”  There’s so much wrong with this what he wrote that I don’t know where to start.  MM has it covered, though, and makes mincemeat out of both Tapper and the implications he clearly made here. 

—– An idiotic Xenia, Ohio Burger King employee who took a bath in one of the restaurants sinks has been fired after video of the incident was posted on  In the vid, he called himself “Mr. Unstable” – now they just call him “Mr. Unemployed.” All those involved in the bubble bath video drama were also fired. 

—– Focus On The Family has pulled an embarassing video from its website which featured director of digital media director Stuart Shepard jokingly asking people to pray for “rain of biblical proportions” during Obama’s DNC nomination acceptance speech.  As expected, Obama apologist Andrew Sullivan, who is always looking for creative ways to insert his term “Christianist” into the debate, is not pleased.

—– Let’s play “Count McCain’s Houses.”   Yippee!   While we’re at it, anyone got any “Blue’s Clues” DVDs we can all watch? 8-|

—– And speaking of juvenile behavior, what clueless wonder came up with the idea for the Spanish Olympic men’s basketball team to pose for a photo which shows them deliberately slanting their eyes?

—– American Airlines is charging US troops on their way to the battle zone in Iraq to pay extra fees for all their baggage.  A VFW group is trying to get them to waive the charge, rather than the troops having to try and get reimbursed for the charge later when they’ve got more, shall we say pressing, matters to attend to.    If you’d like to help the VFW get these extra fees waived for our brave men and women in uniform altogether, here’s the contact info for American Airlines. 

—– The creator of the now-infamous unofficial Obama “O” hand signal speaks.  His plan is to make the symbol the “peace sign of our generation.”  No doubt our enemies would approve.

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4 Responses to “Stuck On Stupid: Tuesday Edition”


  1. Lorica says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with being filthy rich. Just stop playing the regular guy, going after your opponent’s supposedly elite life, when you and your wife combined are worth $100 million and you can’t even remember how many homes you own.

    I have to wonder if this is the same advice given to John Kerry when he was out “huntin'” and “git’in him a fishin’ license”?? That buffoon was mocking every regular guy and then later would flaunt his wealth with his little ski and windsurfing trips on his private estates. Infact in order to run for President, Kerry sold his Italian Villa to Mr. George Clooney, as the Secret Service won’t put permanent protection on overseas properties. Is it me or is the elitist attitude the guys who feel in the middle of running for the most important job in the world they can take a vacation….right Obama. If anyone could have taken a vacation it was McCain as he had his nomination sewed up in April but he is still out on the campaign trail. BO on the other hand has had 2 vacations thus far.

    But both of these men need to resign from their Senate positions, as clearly a man cannot serve two masters, and the people of their prospective states are being left in the lurch. – Lorica

  2. Lorica says:

    The original “peace” sign was ripped off from the “V for victory” sign of WWII. This only proves that for there to be peace, there must be some form of conflict. Sitting back and believing that you can do nothing will only allow evil to flourish. There are some people out there, whose only desire is to control everyone, and you will never be able to talk them out of that need. Case in point is Saddamn Hussein. We made a surrender/peace deal with him, after the 1st couple of years he broke it constantly, but yet the moron leftist elites continue to believe that would could just negotiate a new agreement. It is just idotic what some people believe. – Lorica

  3. Lorica says:

    “Count the Young White Women in McCain’s Anti-Obama Video.”

    As I have said before, only a mind predisposed to this, would actually look for it. – Lorica

  4. Lorica says:

    From the fever swamps of the blogosphere to the halls of academia, there is a chorus of voices who have come to the same conclusion about the presidential election: Barack Obama is going to win in November, by something resembling a landslide.

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Surrreeeee!!! Are these the same polls that told us a year ago that Gulianni and Hillary were going to be our nominees??? Also, I think the writer has this backwards….it should be from the fevered swamps of academia… =))