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September 15, 2008

Detailed emails/correspondence released re: “Troopergate”

As former Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan continues to make headlines via interviews with reporters, insisting he was fired because he refused to fire disgraced Alaskan State Trooper Mike Wooten – Gov. Palin’s former brother in law – government emails were released today that shed a whole new light on Monegan, much more than we’ve been getting from the MSM, and they go a long way towards backing up Gov. Palin’s claims about why she let Monegan go, which were: he wasn’t doing enough to fill state trooper vacancies and battle alcohol abuse issues [and] “did not turn out to be a team player on budgeting issues.” .....   [Read More]

Barack Obama’s “responsible only to the people” lie

I’ve written before about how bogus Barack Obama’s claim of being “responsible only to the people” really is. He has claimed that on several occasions when talking about his campaign fundraising numbers and how supposedly so many individuals are making donations under $200 (and isn’t that in and of itself questionable?), which has caused him to make the claim about how his campaign is responsible to average Americans only, not the big money fatcats he decries (when he’s not taking $$ from them, anyway)......   [Read More]