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September 2008, Page 2

Still more on how Democrats helped enable the current economic crisis

I’ve written extensively on how Congressional Democrats played a significant role in the economic crisis unfolding before our eyes. The media and (mostly) lefty pundits want to paint this as either a “Republican Congress/Bush administration” failure or at the very least a “bipartisan” failure where everyone shares the blame, but while I know Republicans probably could have done more to prevent this, I’m not going to sit back while all this is happening and just toe the line that “everyone” is responsible, and I will certainly not accept the emerging theme that it’s all “the GOP’s fault.” Democrats in Congress and their warped policies and priorities were the big players in enabling this meltdown, and should not be trusted today to “solve” the problem. They need to be held responsible and accountable for their actions in the face of overwhelming evidence that shows their prominent contributions to this debacle......   [Read More]

“Fact checkers” aren’t always reliable

Last week, Patterico comprehensively smacked down for a piece they put out claiming that the NRA ad run against Obama was “false.” They were also wrong about the McCain ad targeting Obama for supporting sex education for children. The Washington Post fact check team were wrong as well about the NRA ad, and if I’m not mistaken got it wrong on the sex ed, too......   [Read More]