Teachers unions going all out in showing support for Obama

Posted by: ST on October 2, 2008 at 12:39 pm

And that includes not only wearing Obama buttons to school so their students can see them, but having their union members wear “blue” on what they call “Obama Blue Day” The Washington Times and the New York Post have the stories on Virginia and New York teachers unions’ respective pro-Obama antics.

Lamest excuse from one teacher? “It’s not teaching kids to vote for Obama; rather, it’s showing them the democratic process in action.” Riiiiight.

Now, if only children had the right to vote, then they could really have this election in the bag for Barry Oh! …

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4 Responses to “Teachers unions going all out in showing support for Obama”


  1. Great White Rat says:

    So let me understand…if an 11-year old wears an anti-Obama T-shirt, that’s “interrupting the learning environment” and must be suppressed at once.

    But the minions of the teacher’s unions can prance around the school pushing a pro-Obama platform ad nauseum, and that’s merely a display of the democratic process. Riiiiiiiight.

    And the left still claims it champions tolerance and freedom. Maybe only for them, and those who march in lock-step with them.

    Open challenge to our regular leftist commenters Chen Zhen or alchemist, or anyone else from the left who happens by: explain why allowing campaigning for Obama in schools should be permitted, but criticism of The One should not be. Base the explanation strictly on legal or constitutional grounds…answers that mention the platforms or policies of either candidate will be disregarded as partisan hackery.

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Hmmmmm …. let’s have a teacher bring a Bible to class and watch how fast the “democratic process in action” gets tossed under the bus amid deranged shrieks of “Theocracy!” from the teachers’ unions and the MSM. In the eyes of the educrats it is better to bring a Koran, a knife, a gun, or even a bomb to school than a Bible.

    People ask me why I teach in a private school rather than the public schools, since there is a serious shortage of competent mathematics and science teachers. It is because of the Diversity and Tolerance Nazis that run public education. One can literally meet a dozen or more William Ayers wanna-bes in the halls of the “chalkboard jungles” that used to be called schools. What goes on in public education is (at best) baby-sitting and (at worst) political and religious indoctrination.

  3. Lorica says:

    And kids who don’t wear blue on “Obamamas” are they going to be targeted for “re-education”?? Are they going to get worse grades if Barry doesn’t win the election?? Is there going to be any actions taken against them because they don’t want to walk in the delusion of the masses. Tell me how this man isn’t a fore runner for the anti-christ?? Look at the delusion, even to the point where they are teaching children that this man should have his own special day and singing songs to him. This man has spoken nothing that hasn’t been thrown out and discarded 100 times already. Yet people flock to him as tho he is Jesus himself. This is just damn insane, and if Barry wins in November, I will start to pray to God that Jesus returns in February, call me crazy, but I will see this as the very end of days. – Lorica

  4. BeachBabe NC says:

    YALL… Some one told me tonite that “they are tired of whats going on” and “they cant wait to vote”.. I said “good I hope your vote is not wasted”.. she said “oh no Im voting for the next JIMMY CARTER”, I said “huh”… WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WORNG WITH THESE PEOPLE?? I had no explanation. I was actually dumbstruck…

    My advice folks.. take care of you for the long term. Make sure that your guns are loaded, bullets are bought and stay away from the windows on Election Day!!:d

    I cant wait to hear tonite what Sarah and Joe are going to talk about. Half of me hopes she kicks tail tonite and the other half hopes she kicks tail and takes names!!!