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October 10, 2008

Hey now, hey now – don’t dream it’s over

Jay Cost at RCP’s Horserace blog has some sobering news about McCain’s and Obama’s respective RCP averages, and how in actuality in those numbers there hasn’t been much of a change over the course of the last week. McCain, he argues, can’t get any traction going against Obama because the more unsettling news is reported about the economy, the stock market, and the financial crisis, the more people will turn to the opposition party – no matter the nominee:.....   [Read More]

Yes, America, character and judgement do matter

Continuing on with a theme set by the McCain campaign that revolves around Barack Obama’s questionable associations with left wing radicals in Chicago, the RNC is getting ready to release a 30 second ad tomorrow called “The Chicago Way” which – obviously – briefly chronicles some of the lowlights on Obama’s rise to power in Chicago and beyond. Here’s the ad (NOTE: You can view that ad more RNC IE ads here):.....   [Read More]