Another good reason to vote for McCain-Palin

HuffPo reports: Tina Fey On Sarah Palin: “If She Wins…I’m Leaving Earth.”

Hmm. Any chance she could leave sooner? If this poll is any indication, Tina Fey is not helping the Gov. with her favorability ratings among independents.

In today’s “Did You Know Segment,” did you know that Gov. Palin is scheduled to appear on SNL on Oct. 25th? I guess we should thank our lucky stars that at least it’s not The View.

7 thoughts on “Another good reason to vote for McCain-Palin

  1. The problem is these celebrities makes promises like this and don’t carry through. As far as I’m concerned, she can stop the SP impersonation right now. It’s gotten old.

  2. Well you can forget about sending her here! What makes you think we want her??

    Try the Venusians…they’ll take anybody!! =:)

  3. Well, gee, if she left the Earth, they wouldn’t be able to continue “30 Rock” – one of the worst shows IMO ever. So, basically, a win-win for everyone. Hmmm, if Fey does end up leaving, can she take Alec Baldwin with her?

  4. At least nobody is suggesting that she should come over to this side of the Pond and for that I am grateful. Nuffink doin’ by the way. We don’t want any of your discards. [-(

    I do, however, find it hard to believe that people will actually vote on the basis of some comedian’s impression. :-?

  5. I say we send her to Sneery’s bedroom for a couple of weeks. After being in that little love nest for a day or two, she will truly wish she was on another planet. =)) – Lorica

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