Joe the plumber continues to experience politics – Chicago style

This is what he gets for asking a simple question of The One.

Keep in mind throughout all this that Joe W. did not seek out Obama. It was Obama who was going door to door, and met up with Joe as he was outside playing football with his son in his front yard. He and Obama explained pleasantries, and in turn Joe asked his question. Big mistake, apparently, considering – as noted in the link above – a local plumber’s union that has endorsed Obama is now trying to get him fired from his job. Not only that, but the Daily Kos posted Joe the plumber’s address for hundreds of thousands of moonbats to see and use as they see fit.

Absolutely despicable. The far left has no shame, none whatsoever.


John McCain coming to Concord, NC

T-Totally awesome! Here are the details:

Join Senator John McCain for a
Road to Victory Rally

Saturday, October 18, 2008
Doors Open at 8:00 AM

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center
4751 NC Highway 49
Concord, NC 28025

Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain will be coming back to North Carolina on Saturday, October 18th, after a fantastic event earlier this week in Wilmington.

Make plans now to attend the Road to Victory Rally in Concord! Tickets will be available for pickup beginning on Wednesday at 2:00 PM at the the Victory Offices listed below. Tickets are limited to four per-person and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I’ll be there :D

Click here and scroll down to see the addresses for places where you can go to get your tickets. According to that webpage, as well as the ticket, you need to be there at the Arena by 10 a.m. I can’t wait! It’ll be the first time I’ve seen McCain in person, and the virst time I’ve been to the Cabarrus Arena.

The next event he has is that afternoon in Woodbridge, Virginia at 1pm. He and Gov Palin are clearly trying to cover the battleground states, and Cindy McCain and Todd Palin are helping out on that front as well. With just two weeks to go, every visit, every ad, every word said, is important.

Whineocrats in Prince George’s County get their undies in a bunch

Horror of horror! Run for the hills!

The sign went up Sunday evening, bold black letters against the stark white background of the marquee at the Colony South Hotel & Conference Center in Clinton: “Country First. McCain/Palin.”

By daybreak, pandemonium had broken loose all across heavily Democratic Prince George’s County. Many local supporters of Democrat Barack Obama, jolted by the message as they headed down Branch Avenue on their Monday morning commutes, grabbed cellphones and BlackBerrys to notify friends. Operators of neighborhood e-mail group lists cried foul to their memberships. The NAACP logged calls. Community leaders demanded boycotts of the hotel, a common venue for Democratic events.

“Businesspeople have to be mindful of the sentiments and sensibilities of their market trading area, and Prince George’s County is overwhelmingly for Obama,” said community activist Arthur Turner of Kettering, who was among those advocating a boycott. “People I have talked to look at the sign as a slap in the face. They feel it was blatant disrespect. . . . I have heard people say they will no longer patronize Colony South because of that disrespect.”

The outcry over the hotel marquee tapped into the passion — and sometimes anger — that has characterized this fall’s presidential campaign. Supporters of Republican candidate John McCain have vented their rage at rallies this week, applauding thunderously as McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.”

Prince George’s, though, is clearly Obama Country. As the nation’s wealthiest mostly black community, where about 77 percent of registered voters are Democrats, residents have Obama placards in their yards, bumper stickers on their cars and the candidate’s visage on their T-shirts.

The marquee supporting the GOP ticket in “an area that is strongly African American was like putting a stink bomb in the middle of the living room,” said University of Maryland political Professor Ron Walters. “What it does show is the emotions that are around this campaign and this election.”

Colony South General Manager Alan Vahabzadeh said that the hotel, one of several Washington area businesses that has dared to venture into the political thicket, got the message after about 100 phone calls and three dozen e-mails. The sign came down Wednesday afternoon.

“I didn’t even realize it was going to be like this,” he said in an interview. The last thing “we want to do is lose business,” he added.

But Friday afternoon, motorists noticed new signs — broad banners attached to wooden stakes in the hotel’s front yard — again touting the Republicans.

Vahabzadeh did not return later calls seeking comment, but an employee said the phones were again ringing with complaints.

And Democratic activists started talking boycott. That could mean canceling political events at the hotel and urging residents to skip its Wednesday night karaoke events and Sunday brunches.

“While a business has the right to display what it chooses, the public has a right to show its contempt for that decision, including boycotting,” said Mel Franklin, president of the Greater Marlboro Democratic Club.

But check this out:

Other business owners who have gotten into the political game have drawn less grief. At the Big Bad Woof pet store in liberal Takoma Park, bumper stickers urging people to “Vote for Bark Obama 2008” are available for sale. No such items were available for “John McCanine.”

At B. Smith’s restaurant in Union Station recently, a waiter sported an Obama campaign button. At the Old Town Trading Post in Alexandria, which sells hemp necklaces, African figurines and incense, among other novelties, an array of McCain T-shirts and a bumper sticker that reads “Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat” are available for sale. A giant sign at Parson’s Farm nursery in Prince William County proclaims the area “McCain Country.”

Richard D’Amico, a stylist at Axis, a hair salon on Connecticut Avenue NW, has declared his work area a “Sarah Palin-Free Zone” by posting on his mirror a photo he cut out of a magazine marked with a red circle and a slash across it. The salon has Obama bags in the window. None of the clients has protested or demanded equal time for McCain, he said.

“It was such a topic of conversation — everybody wants to talk about Sarah Palin. Even my clients stop me on the street and say, ‘How about that Sarah Palin?’ ” said D’Amico, an Obama supporter. “So I decided I had to put a sign up.”

The political partisanship, residents said, is their right as Americans.

Some Prince George’s Democrats acknowledge as much.

“This is a highly charged election where the stakes are extremely high and emotions are running high on all fronts,” said Orlan Johnson, a lawyer who lives in Bowie and is on Obama’s national finance team. “But it is difficult for me to believe that individuals shouldn’t continue to have the opportunity to exercise their right to free speech. It would be un-American to not allow that to happen.”

Others say residents have a right to register their dissent.

As usual, they get it wrong. Nobody’s talking about taking away anyone’s rights – it’s about whether or not it’s right to say/do in the first place, or whether or not it’s right to say/do it in the manner it was said/done.

Another day, another example of Democrat hypocrisy. What’s good for me is not necessarily good for thee, etc.

What Joe the plumber gets to look forward to for the next two weeks

Oppo research, courtesy of the MSM. Jim Geraghty has more details.

Not that he needs to, but Obama could save money on oppo research by simply relying on the mainstream media, who will paw and dig at the personal lives of average voters if it means making it it easier for Obama to win the election.

Update: Wow – isn’t it very revealing that we know more about Joe the plumber courtesy of the Obamamedia than we ever have learned from them about Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, ACORN, etc? MM has more on a story developing out there in lefty la la land about Plumber Joe supposedly being related to … Charles Keating.


Joe Biden: “J-O-B-S” is a three letter word

Captain Gaffetastic strikes again:

With the economy floundering, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., told Ohio voters today that he and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., would focus on one specific issue that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has neglected.

“Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S,” the Democratic veep nominee said at a morning rally in Athens.

Heh. Personally, I think “OBIDEN” is a four-letter word :p

Semi-related: In not-so-surprising news, Obama apologist Andrew Sullivan tackles the tough issues of the day … by making fun of a bad photo Reuters (deliberately) took of McCain after last night’s debate.

You stay classy, Andrew.

Quote of the day

As transcribed by Jim Geraghty (emphasis added by me):

ABC’s Diane Sawyer: “Well I just want to ask you now about the issue that was raised because it’s been a little confusing to me as I tried to sort it out here. To get straight here, you’re not taking home $250,000 now, am I right?”

Joe Wurzelbacher: “No. No. Not even close.”

Sawyer: “And you were you asking — about the prospect, the hope that someday you would make $250,000, and you were saying you didn’t want that to be taxed?”

Wurzelbacher: “Well, exactly. Exactly. I mean not that I don’t want to be taxed. You have to be taxed. But to — just because you work a little harder to have a little bit more money taken from you, I mean, that’s scary. You know as opposed to other people. I worked hard for it. Why should I be taxed more than other people?”

Sawyer: “Well if people making $250,000 should not be taxed additionally — by the way, it’s 3% from 36% to 39% under Senator Obama’s plan. If those people should not be taxed additionally, even though they’re in the top 5% of America, what about people who make $1 million? Or $5 million?”

Wurzelbacher: “Well, I mean, quite honestly, why should they be penalized for being successful. I mean, that’s what you’re telling me. That’s what it sounds like you’re saying. That’s wrong. Because you’re successful, you have to pay more than everybody else? We all live in this country. It’s a basic right. And Obama wants to take that basic right and penalize me for it, is what it comes down to. That’s a very socialist view and it’s incredibly wrong. I mean, $250,000 now. What if he decides, well you know $150,000, you’re pretty rich too. Let’s go ahead and lower it again. You know it’s a slippery slope. When’s it going to stop?”

That’s the “Joe the Plumber,” who was mentioned 15 times last night at the debate, mostly by McCain, in an interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America this morning. He is, contrary to earlier reports, actually registered to vote. I think “Joe the Plumber”‘s exchange with Obama has the ability to transform this election, if McCain continues to capitalize on it effectively like he did last night.

And as I noted in my prior post, the Obama campaign – specifically Joe Biden, is already going after Joe the Plumber this morning. Biden said on NBC this morning: “I don’t have any ‘Joe the Plumbers’ in my neighborhood that make $250,000 a year.” Then again, he also doesn’t know his own neighborhood very well, either (more here). Go figure. Then again, the fact that Joe W. doesn’t yet make $250K isn’t the point, as is explained in the Ankle Biting Pundits post, as well as Joe W. himself in his interview on GMA.

Imagine this

The consensus from most pundits and news outlets I watched/heard/read after last night’s debate both last night and this morning revolve around a theme of Obama being “unruffled” and “steady” and “cool as a cucumber – a frozen cucumber even” under the attacks that came from McCain last night. Some have even suggested that Obama at times took a “conciliatory” tone with McCain in an attempt to “find common ground.”

Maybe it’s just me, but does Obama’s “unruffledness” (is that even a word?) almost come across as robotic and flat? It’s almost like he can’t get passionate about anything, never gets angry, never gets emotional.

That’s exactly the kind of leader we need in the coming years, right? A guy who will meet unconditionally with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmeanawhatever who remains “unruffled” and “conciliatory.” I can see it now: Obama sits across the table from Aheanie, with the cameras recording every eye twitch. Ahmeanie looks Obama in the eye and calls America the “infidel nation” whose alliance with the Jewish nation of Israel is, in his words, “disgraceful” considering Israel to him should be “wiped off the map.” In response, Obama looks at the camera purposefully and says, “Look, we have some strong disagreements but I think we can find some common ground.” Perfect! 8-|

By the way, you’re probably hearing a lot about how many insta-polls have suggested that Obama won with undecided and/or independent voters last night, but one you won’t hear oft repeated by The Usual Suspects is this one, from The Politico. They report that among those they polled, the all-important independent voters gave McCain a 9% edge over Obama:

Voters are closely divided over which presidential candidate won the third and final general election presidential debate, according to an exclusive Politico/InsiderAdvantage nationwide survey of undecided debate-watchers.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said that Obama won the debate, compared to 46 who believed his opponent, Sen. John McCain, came out on top. The three-point gap separating the two candidates was equal to the poll’s margin of error.

Five percent said they were unsure which candidate had the better evening.

Perhaps the best news for McCain is the rating he received from independent voters. Among respondents not identified with either major political party, McCain was judged tonight’s winner, 51-42 percent.

Good to see that at least some independents/undecideds were thinking on their feet last night.

Last but not least, Ed Morrissey calls Obama out on a few whoppers he told last night, specifically on his relationship with Bill Ayers and his stance on the Born Alive Infant Act. That’s another thing Obama’s gotten down pat: The ability to knowingly lie while looking into the camera withough blinking an eye. Hey, he’s done well at fooling a good number of people that way. He did it on a number of other issues last night as well, including his relationship with ACORN.

19 more days.

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