Gov. Palin to appear on SNL tonight

After several instances of Tina Fey imitating her on SNL, the Gov. will portray herself – and I hear she’ll imitate Fey – on tonight’s SNL. The show will be hosted by Bush hater Babs Streisand’s stepson, actor Josh Brolin, who plays Bush in the latest anti-Bush administration hit piece “W.” Brolin was quoted on a late night TV talk show recently as blinking (yes, blinking) “Vote for Obama.”

Not sure I’m crazy about this idea as I’m never fond of Republicans trying to play nice with Hollyweirdos, but I’ll be up late tonight to watch it.

And speaking of the Gov, this is one video about her that you don’t want to miss. It’s a rare decent piece done about her by the MSM on her connection with special needs parents:

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Update – 12:48 AM: I’ve not liked the brief skits she’s been in. The first one, with Alec Baldwin, made me want to hurl – considering what an a**hole he is. The second one did nothing but make fun of her, her family, and McCain, while she sat there and pretended to be amused. This is completely beneath her. I don’t know if she’s going to be on anymore before it’s over, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit through much more of SNL. As BO would say, this isn’t the SNL I used to know. I’ve found very little to laugh about throughout the course of the show.

Read more reax, via The Anchoress.

Sun AM Update – 11:15 AM: ST reader Victoria has video clips from both skits posted at her blog.

John McCain in Concord, NC

The Cabarrus Arena was packed today for the McCain rally. I was hearing crowd estimate numbers of around 10,000 but that place doesn’t even hold 10K, so my personal estimate is that between 3 and 4 thousand people were there. It was definitely a packed house. Not surprising, as the Concord/Harrisburg area is serious Republican country.

I got to the arena at around 9:15 but wished I would have gotten there sooner to get a better spot to watch/listen to Mc’s speech. As it was, I was standing about 4 rows back from where McCain first came out and was a little closer by the time the speech was over and he made his way back around the ramp he first entered from. I tried to get some good pix but I was at a bad angle so I don’t think my pictures of him are going to turn out very well. I got some pretty good crowd shots, I think, and will try to post some of them tomorrow (I’m houste/catsitting right now and am not at my house).

CNN’s got the text of McCain’s prepared remarks. He sounded off on familiar themes of cutting taxes and keeping us safe, and bringing our troops home with honor, which garnered huge applause and yelling from the crowd. Local network News 14 did a short interview with Mc before he took the stage. You can view that interview here.

There were a lot of “Joe the plumber” signs and tshirts, and a popular hat I saw was one that read “clean coal.” There were several chants of “drill baby drill” to which McCain quipped, “I wonder where that came from?” The crowd went wild everytime Gov. Palin’s name was mentioned. If she visits the area between now and the election, something tells me she’ll be at place that holds more people than the Cabarrus arena.

I’m happy to report that, contrary to what the mediots might conjure up in their minds, no one yelled anything that was out of sorts. The crowd was clearly passionate, very much pro-McCain and fired up to win next month. My brush with fame was a brief encounter with a Secret Service agent who nudged me gently out of the way so he could pass as McCain left the stage. Dude, talk about a brick wall.

All in all, it was a good morning. Definitely much better than attending the Obama and Hillary rallies I went to earlier this year. Much more fun there as I was in my element. Just wish I could have gotten some better pix of Mc.