Joe Biden: Undecideds are trying to fight their inner racist

How many times now does this make it that that the OBiden campaign has played the race card?

ABC News’ Matthew Jaffe Reports: As Election Day looms just over two weeks away, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., said Saturday that with Republicans firing “vicious” and “dangerous” attacks at Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., voters are “having a difficult time” opting for the man who would become the nation’s first African American president.

“Undecided people are having a difficult time just culturally making the change, making the move for the first African American president in the history of the United States of America,” the Democratic vice-presidential nominee said at a San Francisco fundraiser Saturday evening. “So we need to respond. We need to respond at the moment, immediately, not wait, not hang around, not assume any of this won’t stick.”

“You see these vicious attacks on Barack’s character,” Biden told supporters. “I mean, this is dangerous stuff these guys are doing. This stuff is on the edge. It’s on the edge. You know, there’s some folks out there in the community nationwide that aren’t as stable as others. It’s a very small minority. But having these rallies where people are showing up saying, you know, the things they’re saying – I don’t even want to repeat them — it’s not a healthy thing.”

What is it about San Francisco that makes the Democratic ticket open their mouths and insert their feet?

Like Hillary did with the “bitter, clinging” comments Obama made in SF, I think it would be wise for Team McCain to respond to this insult to the 10 or so % of undecided voters out there. Also I wonder why Joe Biden didn’t mention the fact that if there are any white voters out there who will be reluctant to vote for a man solely on the basis of his color that it is likely that more of them will be Democrats than Republicans and Independents? :-? I guess that little fact was too inconvenient for him to mention.

New Orleans Saints at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 30-7)

Panthers logoThese two division rivals are tangling it up here in Charlotte this afternoon. The Saints stand at 3-3 while the Cats are in a three way tie with Tampa and Atlanta at 4-2. The Panthers are coming off an extremely embarassing loss to Tampa last week, and hope to rebound today with a win over Drew Brees and co, while Brees is looking to build on the 34-3 win the Saints had over Oakland last week.

As it stands so far, the Cats had a good opening drive but couldn’t make it into the end zone and settled for a field goal.

Update: The Panthers rebounded today after last week’s disaster, and beat the Saints 30-7.