How many more front page puff pieces will the Charlotte Observer print on the Obamas?

The week of the election, we were treated to two fawning multi-paged sections devoted to the election of Barack Obama, with the one on Saturday the 8th having an image of him that spanned 3/4ths of the page. Yesterday, the hot story on page 1 was a glowing piece on Michelle Obama and how she had become an inspiration for black women across America. It was a nice piece, but why was it on the front page? For that matter, wouldn’t a better place for it been Parade magazine?

More people read newspapers on the weekend than any other days of the week. Are these kinds of front page feel good pieces” what we’ll have to look forward to from the Charlotte Observer every weekend for the next four years of the Obama adminstration?

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 31-22)

Panthers logoThe 7-2 Cats face the 0-9 Lions on a cool day here in Charlotte. My lucky sis, who won tickets to this game from her work, will be sitting on the 50 yard line for this game alongside her hubby. Today’s game may be taken by some to be a “gimme” for the Cats, but the players and coaches have been talking all week about how Detroit has played some close games this year that their record (obviously) doesn’t indicate, so the Panthers are not taking anything for granted. Even though they won last week, Jake Delhomme had a bad game and is looking to vastly improve it today.

Gametime is 1 pm and is being broadcast on Fox.

Update: Turned out to be a good game, and in the end the Panthers came out on top 31-22.

NYT promotes myth that Mormons “tipped the scale” on Prop 8 passage

In trying to place the blame for California’s Prop 8, which bans gay marriage in California, on Mormons, the NYT completely ignores contrary evidence that it was the huge number of Obama voters in CA who really tipped the scale in passing the controversial measure. In particular, black voters in CA voted 70%-30% in favor of Prop 8.

You’d think what with the protests that have been sparked nationwide as a result of this vote, and the blame game being played by the protestors, that the NYT would at least try and get the basic facts of this story right … right?

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