Two breaking news stories

The first one: Attorney General Mukasey collapsed about half an hour ago during a speech he was giving to the Federalist Society. No updates yet as to his condition. MM is tracking the latest developments.

The second: The Politico is reporting that two senior Obama officials have told them that Hillary will be announced as Obama’s Sec. of State shortly after Thanksgiving:

President-elect Barack Obama plans to name Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as his secretary of state shortly after Thanksgiving, two senior Obama aides said.

The officials said they expect her to accept. Clinton aides had no comment.

The choice unites the two rivals in the most protracted presidential primary in American history, giving Obama the “Team of Rivals” Cabinet he had promised.

Author and CUNY Graduate Center history professor James Oakes asks, “What’s So Special About a Team of Rivals?” His answer? Not much.

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