Maybe there’s justice in the world after all

Posted by: ST on November 30, 2008 at 7:48 pm

rosieo.jpgIs Rosie ‘Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a warmonger!‘ O’Donnell calling it quits from TV altogether? After the debut of her Wednesday night variety show last week flopped, a dejected Rosie posted on her blog this weekend thta maybe TV gigs weren’t in the cards for her anymore.

Hoping, praying …


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7 Responses to “Maybe there’s justice in the world after all”


  1. forest hunter says:

    Hope springs eternal!

    But blind to former as to future fate, what mortal knows his pre-existent state?

    Lo, what huge heaps of littleness around!

    Alexander Pope

  2. Dana says:

    The linked article said:

    “There’s a notion that the climate is right for the genre to make a comeback,” emailed one executive at a rival network. “I guess we now know what not to do, thanks to Rosie.”

    Yeah, and what you don’t do is put the lovely Miss O’Donnell on the show!

  3. Larry Sheldon says:

    Maybe she and Andrew Sullivan could work something out– deal in the same crap.

    And they would be able to double each others audience…..from one to two.

  4. Uncle Ralph says:

    I sat through the opening, and it was awful.

    Rosie has never been able to sing on pitch, nor sustain a pleasant tone in her singing.

    Liza Minnelli couldn’t save this mess: she merely added another entry in the ‘what-was-she-thinking’ list.

    Any one of the anonymous male dancers could have delivered a better show than the principals did here.

    Something died that night, but it was not ‘talented variety entertainment’.

  5. Lorica says:

    Rosie has proven herself to be a narcisist, and people don’t really care for her now. She quits everything for her own attention. So why would people watch a show, that when it is at it’s height of viewership, ends up being cancelled because Rosie decided to quit that too. The problem isn’t that type of show, as Uncle Ralph states, it is the person. Rosie much like Rosanne, just needs to fade away. You were both 1 trick ponies, and now we are tired of it. – Lorica

  6. Trish says:

    Oh, was she back?

  7. Tony says:

    I watched the advertisement for the variety show, and it looked like Rosie was in a big fur tent and nothing else. She had her hands on the front holding it closed like she was going to whip it open and flash us at any moment.

    To avoid the possibility of being emotionally scarred for life and having to dig my eyes out with a dull spoon to stop the images, I decided not to watch the show.