Friday evening links

LinksI’m feeling a little under the weather this evening, but wanted to post a few quick links for your perusal:

—– PDS strikes again: The media’s obsession with Sarah Palin continues, this time thanks to a story making headlines about how Palin’s daughter Bristol’s fiance’s mother has been arrested on drug charges. I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking: I couldn’t have lived another day without knowing that, right?

—– AllahPundit has the latest news on the Franken/Coleman battle. Warning: It’s not good.

—– Blago proclaims, “I’m not guilty.” And the only people who believe him are most of the corruptocrats deeply entrenched in the Chicago Machine.

—– A second CNN meteorlogist has bluntly stated that the theory that global warming is man-made is “arrogant.” Will he lose his AMS seal? For the record, CNN weatherhunk Rob Marciano had the nerve to question the theory of man-made global warming last year. The day after he made the comments, he “revised” them – presumably under pressure (or perhaps threats?) from the higher ups.

—– Speaking of the weather, areas of the Northeast are preparing for a white Christmas as a major cold front has rolled in. It’d be nice to get just a tiny bit of snow next Thursday here but it’s highly unlikely, so it’ll be another year without a full-fledged white Christmas here in Charlotte, NC.

—– Is Oprah planning a move to DC? Hmmm.

—– I’m with ya: Senator Shelby (R-AL) makes his opinion known on the appeal by John “Taliban Johnny” Walker Lindh’s parents to President Bush to pardon their son: Don’t.

—– Good news: Soros-influenced groups make inroads in Obama Administration.

—– Larry Elder writes about the mainstream media’s giddiness over the shoe-throwing Iraqi “journalist.” Of course we know the far left is just as excited about it as well. So many of them have either said or implied that the incident – which is considered an insult in the Arab world -is a symbol of how “many” feel about the Iraq war and the President. In turn, I say that the reaction to the incident is a symbol of how the far left have chosen to repeatedly act like children over the last 8 years rather than add anything of importance or value to the debate.

Then again, juveniles will be juveniles.

Kathleen Parker graduates from Democrat Party University

Completing her metamorphosis from solid conservative to pandering beltway liberal, Kathleen Parker’s latest column “explains” why Caroline Kennedy’s “experience” makes her more qualified to replace Hillary in the Senate than Gov. Palin’s “lack of experience” made her to be VP.

Don Surber sums up Parker’s viewpoint:

People like Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan wanted to be with the winner and so they left.


And on the way out, they flipped the finger.

Republicans are owned by Christian conservatives, they said. Get a moderate.


Didn’t we do that this year with John McCain?

How’d that work out?

Parker blamed Sarah Palin for Parker’s departure from the Grand Old Party.

Palin was not ready for the big leagues because she is politically inexperienced.

Up pops Caroline Kennedy and Parker is all agog again. Like me, she heard the song “My Daddy Is President” as a child and well, she thinks Caroline Kennedy is still 5 years old.

So Parker wrote a column for today in which she extolled the virtues of Kennedy over Palin.

In Parkerland, Palin was the one who had it easy. Why she changed her name from Sarah Heath to Sarah Palin. The hussy.

“Not so Kennedy, who, upon her marriage to Edwin Schlossberg, never changed her name” Parker wrote.

Well, except for the time when she called herself Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg.

To borrow a phrase from Obama, this is not the Kathleen Parker we once knew.