Christmas in Baghdad

A beautiful story, and some beautiful photos. It’s too precious for me to excerpt so make sure to click the link and read the article in full.

No, this was not brought to you by President-elect Barack Obama, who if he’d had his way we’d have been out of Iraq by March of this year. Who opposed the surge and even after the results of the surge became apparent (less violence, more political reconciliation) said he still would have opposed it. This was brought to you by a President who, in spite of his many failings, got perhaps the one thing right in his administration that he needed to: Iraq. It was also brought you, in large part, by our troops and coalition forces, who have made the biggest sacrifices of all.

Photo source: Wreaths Across America

Please, don’t forget them when you say your prayers this Christmas.

Update: Here are a few more photos of the Christmas festivities in Baghdad.


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