Things continuing to warm up in the Senate

Yes, the news about loony Al Franken being certified (or as ST reader Anthony quips, “certifiable“) the winner in the MN Senate race is depressing, but countering that is the intriguing drama unfolding over Barry Oh!’s old seat, which disgraced Gov. Blago has tried to give to former Illinois AG Roland Burris. Last week, CNN reported on the possiblity that Burris would be physically restrained from entering onto the Senate floor on Tuesday if he tried to “report for duty.” Today, we learn that that scenario may be more likely than initially thought:

(CNN) – The secretary of the U.S. Senate on Monday rejected the certificiate of appointment for Roland Burris, named by Illinois’ controversial governor to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, according to an aide to the secretary.

The aide said Secretary of the Senate Nancy Erickson rejected Burris’ appointment because it does not conform with the Senate rule requiring that the secretary of state — in this case, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White — must sign the certificate of appointment along with the governor.

White has declined to sign the certificate, siding with some Senate Democrats who say Burris should not be seated because of the cloud over Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is accused of trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat.

According to a Democratic source and a Democratic Senate leadership aide, without the signed certificate Burris will be denied access to the Senate floor.

What’s Burris have to say about that?

But Burris insists he has the legal right to serve as senator, and has said he will appear at the Senate’s door Tuesday.

“I am going (to Washington) to be seated. I am the junior senator from the state of Illinois — that’s all I can say,” he said Monday at an airport news conference in Chicago before leaving for Washington.

He said he is not bothered by controversy surrounding his appointment by Blagojevich because “the appointment is legal. What has been done here is legal.”

Pressed by reporters on what he would do if he is refused admission to the Senate floor, Burris said, “If I am turned away, my lawyers will take it from there and we’ll see what happens.”

And how much do you wanna bet we’ll get treated to the inevitable “outrage” of America’s most notorious race hustlers, the Revs. Jackson and Sharpton? Not to mention Rep. Bobby “[don’t hang or lynch the appointee” Rush?

Along with the uncertainty as to what will happen tomorrow if Burris tries to access the Senate floor, there’s also the uncertainty over whether or not Sen. Cornyn will carry through with his threat to filibuster seating Al Franken until the results of Norm Coleman’s upcoming legal challenges are known.

We could find out tomorrow about both …

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