Weblog Awards update, endorsements

2008 Weblog Awards FinalistI’d just like to take a moment to say “thanks!” to all who have voted for this blog so far in the “Best Large Blog” category. It’s an uphill battle, as we’ve got some stiff competition (there are other bloggers in that category who I really dig!), but there’s still plenty of time left, so make sure not to forget to vote once every 24 hours. It’s all in good fun, but there’s a competitive streak in all of us bloggers that spurs us on to want to win :) Remember, voting ends on January 13th at 5 pm ET, so make sure you get in all the votes you can before then (or as the saying goes, vote often! ;) ).  They’re going to be rolling out the embeddable links soon, and I will post that for you on the right side column when it becomes available.

I’ve got some endorsements to announce as well – if you don’t see a category here that is listed at the main weblog awards poll links page that means I either didn’t care for the category or didn’t know enough about the category and/or those nominated to cast a vote. Here goes:

Best Blog – Hot Air (Andrew Sullivan’s in that category and … he’s winning!)
Best Individual Blogger – Between The Anchoress and Jules Crittenden
Best Humor Blog – Mother May I Sleep With Treacher
Best Comic Strip – Day By Day
Best Conservative Blog – Michelle Malkin
Best Political Coverage – Townhall
Best Celebrity Blogger – Wil Wheaton
Best Military Blog – Blackfive and Michael Yon
Best Law Blog – Volokh Conspiracy
Best LGBT Blog – Gay Patriot
Best Gossip Blog – The Superficial
Best Podcast – Pundit Review Radio
Best Video Blog – MsUnderestimated
Best Canadian Blog – five feet of fury
Best UK Blog – Melanie Phillips
Best European Blog (Non UK) – Davids Medienkritik (Germany)
Best Middle East or Africa Blog – Michael J. Totten
Best Australia or New Zealand Blog – Tim Blair
Best Major Blog (Authority over 1001) – Instapundit
Best Very Large Blog (Authority between 501 and 1000) – This was a toughie, but I voted for Patterico’s Pontifications.  There are some other very worthy blogs in that category as well.
Best Large Blog (Authority between 301 and 500) – Ahem! :D
Best Midsize Blog (Authority between 201 and 300) – Betsy’s Page
Best Small Blog (Authority between 101 and 200) – Pirate’s Cove and A Blog for All
Best Up And Coming Blog (Authority between 51 and 100) – The Sundries Shack

Happy voting!

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