Did Obama bungle it again with another cabinet pick?

There are a lot of questions surrounding Timothy Geithner, PEBO’s pick for Treasury secretary. Here’s the latest:

– NRO’s Byron York writes: Geithner Accepted IMF Reimbursement for Taxes He Didn’t Pay

– Roger Simon asks: What if I didn’t pay taxes?

– Even the pro-PEBO NYT has more questions for Mr. Geithner (via Tom Maguire).

– Jennifer Rubin wonders what’s the deal with the PEBO administration’s vetting process.

– Hugh Hewitt believes everyone should drop it and just go ahead and confirm Geithner.

– Some prominent Republicans are now defending Obama’s embattled Treasury nominee. Surprise!

– The WSJ has a take on the controversy surrounding Geithner that will warm anyone who despises the IRS ;) (h/t: The AmSpec blog).

– ProPublica piles on the intrigue: How Citigroup Unraveled Under Geithner’s Watch

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