Thur/Fri open thread

I’m doing a little tweaking tonight to try and fix a few minor bugs, and will probably head to bed after that. Catch ya’ll tomorrow.

Update: After trying to fix it tonight with no success, I’ve emailed the creator of the comments editor plug-in and let him know that the plug-in is not functioning right in IE (it works fine in Firefox). Hopefully I’ll hear back from him soon.

Also, I’m interested in hearing from any bloggers out there who use font size changers on their blogs. I’m getting mostly positive comments about the font size, but a few people have told me it’s showing up very small on their screens. I tried installing one tonight but could not get it to show up directly on the blog. I suspect the issue I was having had something to do with not knowing what to put in the “DIV” and “interval” sections of the plug-in settings. Any advice would be appreciated :)

Fri AM Update – 9:21 AM: I have disabled the comment editor feature for the time being. It was being very buggy this morning. If I can’t get the issues we were having with it resolved via the creator of the plug-in, I’ll see about finding and installing another one, as I know that was a popular function on the blog.

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