Damn! I miss Sarah Palin

Posted by: ST on January 30, 2009 at 11:49 pm

Wouldn’t it kick a** right now if it were Sarah Palin sitting in the veep’s chair and not Joe “Gaffetastic” Biden?

2012, maybe? (Update: This is actually the official Sarah Palin PAC link – thanks to Anthony for the heads up)

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    1. A good reminder that she’s something special. :x

      For a while I’ve been thinking 2012 would be too soon, mostly because it’s so hard to unseat a sitting president. But, with PBO appointing one tax cheat after another and pursuing policies that are almost sure to fail (when they’re not outright ripoffs of the treasury), then I think Sarah Barracuda may yet strike in 2012.

      After four years of Chicago-style pizza government, the nation may well be ready for a real reformer.

    2. Interesting. Your 2012 link is to palinpac.org, yet the “official” Sarah Palin pac was sarahpac.com — that was the one confirmed by the Governor as hers. I wonder what the relation of Palin PAC is to her and the sarahpac.com site. :-

    3. Anthony, you’re correct and I’m in error. Your link is the right one. I’ll update the post now with the official link.

    4. Oops – meant to say “thanks” :)

    5. My pleasure, but I wonder if if palinpac had permission to use the next president’s (:d ) name? Even if it’s not needed, it would be kind of unseemly to do so without asking. My guess is that, even though they’re not the :official pac,” they got one of those famous winks. :x

    6. Boy, I’ll be happy when the editor is fixed…. :”>

    7. Sal says:

      I keep thinking that I’m leaning towards Sarah but open to others — and I am. But then I see her convention speech, her interview with Glenn Beck, her debate with Biden, and I can’t help think that she is going to be President some day.

    8. Great White Rat says:

      Thanks, ST….I needed to see that again. :)

      Here’s the part that struck me, listening to it again:

      What exactly is our opponent’s plan?

      What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he’s done turning back the waters and healing the planet?

      The answer is to make government bigger…

      Several hundred thousand more government jobs in the porkulus package….she got this one right.

      and take more of your money,

      Paying for more bailouts, more social engineering, overseas abortions, and things like a new fleet of government cars requires more of our money. Unless you’re Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangel, Tim Geithner, or their ilk…she got this one right.

      and give you more orders from Washington,

      Anyone care to guess what Commissar Browner’s first list of new regulations will be? She got this one right.

      and to reduce the strength of America in a dangerous world.

      The 10% cut in the defense budget is probably only the start. Hey, we need that money to fund important projects…what’s more important, subsidizing ACORN and insuring my re-election or defending you from terrorists, you bitter, religious people? She got this one right.

      So Sarah Palin had Obama figured out perfectly. And the MSM drones claimed she was stupid??

      She did make one miscalculation though. She said Obama planned to raise the tax burden by several hundred billion dollars. She should have said more than a trillion dollars.

    9. arcman says:

      We’d be a heck of a lot better off than we are now.