Why do women do this to themselves? (OPEN THREAD)

This is just gross (via ST reader Cump):

We were already fairly impressed last April, when we heard (via ABC) that one Sheyla Hershey traveled to Houston for a boob job. And not just any boob job: An enhancement bound for the record books. Because after eight surgeries and a full gallon of silicone, the petite model/actress was a staggering 34 FFF.

Still, Hershey wanted more! And she was determined to get it. When her boyfriend begged her to stop, she broke up with him (note to men: You have to support our dreams, no matter how deluded and life-threatening silly they might seem!).

But Hershey was forced to settle with her FFF mosquito bites because “the state of Texas has limits on the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants,” noted ABC. Reading this, we found ourselves impressed by Texas, because we didn’t think it was the kind of state to impose limits on such things, what with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and the state priding itself on everything being bigger there and whatnot.

But, as Hershey discovered through diligent research, they have no such restraint in Brazil! And so now, after a ninth surgery, she’s the proud owner of both a 38KKK bust (according to Britain’s Daily Star) and the world record for largest breasts. We wonder if Guinness has a category for worst back pain.

Or biggest idiot.

Normally I’d start talking about how our culture promotes the concept of “the bigger the better” in terms of our “toys” – whether they be bigger TVs, cars, homes or, in this case, breasts. But this woman is clearly going for the attention angle and she did it to the point that even her own boyfriend said enough was enough. I dunno what this woman was told about the “advantages” of having bigger breasts but most women who have them the natural way will tell you that they are not all they are cracked up to be. There’s the back pain, the unnatural look of most of them, not to mention the fact that men tend to not look you in the eye as much when you’re talking to them as they do to women who are smaller up top. And then, for those who have gotten the huge implants, there are the myriad of problems associated with them, including the “maintenance” and having to replace them ever so often.

It’s one thing to get relatively small implants to give yourself the chest you may not have. It’s also one thing to get small implants after you’ve lost a lot of weight and need a little “lift” up top. It’s another thing altogether to get them so big they need their own seat on an airplane.

Anyway, to each their own, I guess. I just wish these women who think having massive chests will be the magic cure-all for all their issues would grow up and realize that there’s more to life than chest size measurement. Being desirous of a “triple cup size” sort of reminds me of certain men who brag about their outrageously expensive cars 24-7 in an effort to impress women. I tend to think that some of them are attempting to make up for inadequacies elsewhere …. :-?

Just my .02.

Obama’s “I screwed up” comment

Liberals have been falling all over themselves this week praising President Obama’s admission while on the news media circuit that he “screwed up” with the nomination of Tom Daschle to the HHS post:

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Tuesday abruptly abandoned his nomination fight for Tom Daschle and a second major appointee who failed to pay all their taxes, telling NBC News: “I screwed up.”

“I’ve got to own up to my mistake. Ultimately, it’s important for this administration to send a message that there aren’t two sets of rules — you know, one for prominent people and one for ordinary folks who have to pay their taxes,” Obama said on NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian Williams.”

The admission came little more than 24 hours after Obama had said he was “absolutely” committed to Daschle’s confirmation as secretary of health and human services, a job in which he would taken the lead in the president’s ambitious plans for the nation’s health care system.

“I’m frustrated with myself, with our team. … I’m here on television saying I screwed up,” Obama said on NBC. He repeated virtually the same words in interviews with other TV anchors.

The typical liberal reaction to this was (paraphrasing): “It’s such a relief to ‘finally’ have a president who will own up to his mistakes!”

Really? That’s setting the bar really low. This was an easy mistake for him to own up to. The hard one apparently is for him to admit he was wrong about the surge. Let’s not forget that last summer he said he would still have voted against the surge even had he known at the time how successful it would end up being in terms of the downturn in violence that led to other positive things happening in Iraq.

People like to talk about how Bush’s mistakes “cost lives” in Iraq but Obama’s failure to admit he was wrong about the surge just shows the same foolish bullheadedness others criticized Bush for years about re: Iraq after things started heading south. Had then-Senator Obama had his way about the surge, that would have “cost lives” as well: We would certainly have seen the violence continue to get worse, resulting in more American soldier and coalition casualties, not to mention skyrocketing civilian deaths – possibly even resulting in genocide long-term, thanks to his desire to “cut our losses and get out.”

When he owns up to admitting his poor (not to mention dangerous and irresponsible) judgment in continuing to oppose the surge even after he knew what the results of it were, I’ll be impressed. Until then, this is just small potatoes.

On the funding for the expansion of SCHIP and “irrational” criticism of Obama

President Obama’s expansion of SCHIP was signed into law with much fanfare earlier this week, but little known to the casual news follower, in order for this expansion to work at its “best,” it will have to be funded, in part, by smokers who will see taxes on tobacco increase by 155%. So much for the “war on smoking,” eh? We’ll “save the children” at the expense of everyone else. No bigs.

Lorie Byrd has a post up about this that talks about the issue in terms of how it will essentially mean a tax hike on the poor, and quotes a psychiatrist who tries to explain “irrational” Obama criticism:

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Feldman:
“The irrational lashing out at President Obama since his inauguration is best explained as a manifestation of frustration felt by supporters of George Bush and his administration. Followers were strongly discouraged (both literally and subconsciously) from expressing any criticism of Mr. Bush, his policies, and actions for fear of being labelled insufficiently unpatriotic or not being a team player. The floodgates were opened when Mr. Obama took office.”

3 weeks into Barry Oh!’s administration, and everything is still Bush’s fault. Imagine that!