Weekend open thread

Posted by: ST on February 7, 2009 at 11:23 am

I’m off to run errands, and enjoy this rare warm winter afternoon. Be back later.

In the meantime, your music video entertainment: A little kick-a** rock and roll from Pat Benatar:

I love her music, but everytime I see one of her videos I can’t help but think about the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, with all the Pat Benatar impersonators. As an interesting aside, Fast Times is now considered a “classic.” You know you’re getting old when all the movies and music you love are characterized as “classic”! ;)

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8 Responses to “Weekend open thread”


  1. Ryan says:

    Fast Times IS a classic :)

    “We’re here to help you with your math homework.”

    “This is great iced tea!”


  2. Seems like you are all fired up, ST. Better be careful with that fire, you might get iced, you know you are a heartbreaker, so stop making promises in the dark. Yeah, yeah, I can keep going, but, I don’t want you to hit me with your best shot, especially since love is a battlefield, and you are invincible in the shadows of the night. Just don’t use sex as a weapon :d

    Barry’s song is “Everybody Lay Down,” at least when it comes to what he wants Congress and The People to do for his spending bill

  3. Severian says:

    ST, you will know you’re getting old when the music you love to groove to starts being played at the drugstore and supermarket as their background Muzak. :(( You’ll find your self humming along and bopping while standing in line waiting for your dozen or so prescriptions with a tube of arthritis creme in your hand. Double :((

  4. forest hunter says:

    Sev…..then you notice people, noticing you and you don your glasses, only to realize it aint arthritis creme after-all. Not that I’ve ever done that. I’ve heard stories. Besides it wasn’t for me…..:^o

    Remember Jennifer Warnes, “I know a heartache” …..

  5. Severian says:

    Ah…never confuse Preparation H with Poly-Grip, never. :-"

  6. Lorica says:

    never confuse Preparation H with Poly-Grip, never

    Or vice-a-versa!! – Lorica

  7. forest hunter says:

    Hehe….Poly grip!

  8. Neo says:

    I got a kick that this story was called an example of “Mannian enHansenment“.