Yes, it’s snowing here (PHOTOS ADDED)

Posted by: ST on March 1, 2009 at 8:44 pm

A few readers have emailed to find out if I’m snowed in yet from the big winter storm that is blanketing parts of the east coast … the answer is no, not yet, but the snow is coming down pretty good right now.  We had rain all night and gradually this afternoon it turned into a rain/freezing rain/snow mix, and now it’s just straight up snow.  Look like maybe about an inch is on the ground right now, but they’re calling for more (up to as much as a 9″ inches in some areas).

It’s beautiful.

I’ll have some pix to post in just a little bit.  In the meantime, here are some reader photos sent in to the Charlotte Observer.

Update – 9:12 PM: Here are a few pix. I hope to get some better ones in the a.m.

Snow in Charlotte

Snow in Charlotte

Snow in Charlotte

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11 Responses to “Yes, it’s snowing here (PHOTOS ADDED)”


  1. I hope you have a fireplace and a good book. That plus snow outside would make for a perfect evening. :)

  2. Beachbabe NC says:

    It is nice… I have to say what a way to Welcome March. A snow storm is always welcome, Im just happy it didnt happen in May. It rained all day here like a cow pi**ing on a flat rock, and now it is snowing so hard I bet we have had 1 inch in the last 30 minutes. Of course tomorrow would be the perfect day to go skiing and I cant get out of the driveway.. Figures…

    I agree with you sis.. It is Beautiful!!

  3. It’s just started here in the D.C. area.

    Already, closings have been announced. We’re likely in for a big wallop with this storm.

    Our last big storm was in 1996, so we’re way overdue.

  4. LA, NC, DC, y’all just don’t know what snow is!

    Actually, if the weathermen are right, most of the snow will pass to the east of us, and we’ll just get 2 to 4 inches.

  5. forest hunter says:

    Iz duh Gorcle in town? :-\

  6. Severian says:

    It was 72 deg when I went over to a friends house yesterday. When I left about 3 hours later, it was 54 and falling. Damn. My wife is in Georgia at her folks and she phoned and said it was snowing, a couple inches on the ground already.

    Gorebul warming strikes again.

  7. Great White Rat says:

    It’s 18º here right now. The snow started about 7pm last night and the NWS is calling for up to 12 inches. Where the hell is all that global warming when you need it??

    By the way, ST, if you think the snow is beautiful, you’re welcome to all of mine. :d

  8. Lorica says:

    Yeee Hawwww!! I didn’t get a single inch of the fluffy white stuff. :D It was just cold with a dash of more cold. >:p Due to everyone getting snow, I am saying March is in like a Lion. According to the weatherman, it will be in the 50s here by Thursday. I guess Ol’ Phil didn’t see his shadow after all. =)) – Lorica

  9. It’s 71 with a slight chance of rain, here. We’re suffering, I tell ya. :d

  10. Nina says:

    Hunter he is probably revising his slide wheel.

  11. Chris in NC says:

    Wasn’t that great! I’ve missed the snow. The cool thing about snow down here is that it is gone in a day or two and you don’t have time to be sick of it! Great way to start March!