Caption This: Larry Summers edition

Here’s NEC director Larry Summers, caught (again) napping during an Obama gathering):

Photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Malkin’s got a good prescription for him.

Here’s a great caption from a poster I post with at a political forum I frequent:

“He was probably dreaming of his life before joining this disasterous regime.”


Your turn :)


Holder: I won’t “selectively release” terror memos (FYI: YOU JUST DID)

The Obama administration has some nerve!

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress on Thursday he won’t play “hide and seek” with secret memos about harsh interrogations of terror suspects and their effectiveness. In testimony before the House Appropriations Committee, Holder said he’s willing to release as much information as possible about the interrogations.

Several members of the committee pressed him about the Justice Department’s release last week of four long-secret legal memos detailing the harsh techniques used on some detainees during the Bush administration.

“It is certainly the intention of this administration not to play hide and seek, or not to release certain things,” said Holder. “It is not our intention to try to advance a political agenda or to try to hide things from the American people.”

That has flat out got to be the BIGGEST lie told by the administration yet.

Where’s the outrage, especially from all the Usual Suspects who used to claim that the Bush admin used classified documents for political gain? Oh, I forgot. That was “fauxtrage,” too.

Obama wanted the American people to see the tactics, but wanted to hide the results? The administration is full of it.

Email your House Reps and Senators today and let them know that they need to either start putting pressure on or continue to put pressure on the WH to release the parts they conveniently cut out of the memos they released. It is imperative to our national security for the American people to get the FULL picture, not the half-baked, deceptive one painted by the Obama administration.

Wake up, America!


Has it really been nearly 100 days since Obama was inaugurated?

Sheesh. It feels like longer than that. Almost like a full first term.

3 and 3/4ths years to go. If not more.


Anyway, related to that, Politico’s got a guide to what the Obama administration would like journalists to write about regarding his first 100 days in office. No, the WH is not ordering journalists to write this stuff. They’re just being “helpful” with providing reminders:

White House senior adviser David Axelrod calls the 100th day a “Hallmark holiday,” an essentially artificial event with no genuine significance. But he and his colleagues also know the reality: The early-verdict stories are going to be written, creating both a challenge and opportunity for the new president.

So senior White House aides are playing the game with relish, doling out made-to-order anecdotes and what-it-means analytical insights to help reporters write their 100 days pieces. You can already see the results in a spate of stories that — thanks to competitive pressures — editors are deciding to publish before the actual 100th day.

You can see examples of the glowing press here, from Time’s Joe Klein and the WaPo’s David Broder.

Time to stock up on more Extra Strength Tylenol.

Thursday Open Thread

Howdy, ya’ll :) I’ll check back in later today.

Spring in Washington : North side of the White House in Washington, DC.

Spring in Washington : North side of the White House in Washington, DC. (AFP/Karen Bleier)