Barney Frank is a liar (continued)

Check out Verum Serum’s post – complete with two videos – on how Rep. Barney Frank is trying to re-write history with respect to the role he played in helping enable the collapse of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. We know he (and other key Democrats) played a significant role, people who don’t read conservative blogs or watch Fox News wouldn’t know that.

That he continues to get away with this lie is an outrage and a dereliction of duty on the part of the mainstream media. Please continue to spread the word about this, so the truth gets out!

Earth Day predictions from 1970

Here’s a great flashback to scientific “experts” from the 70s warning of “catastrophe” if society didn’t do it’s part to combat “global warming” (or was it cooling? I can’t keep up with it all) fast.

That’s a post you need to bookmark, and forward to friends, especially on weeks like this one where we just observed another Earth Day and modern day “experts” are talking about what we “must” do in order to “save” the Earth before it’s “too late.”