24 – 3am til 4am open thread

Posted by: ST on April 27, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Will Tony Almeida get his tonight? Stay tuned …

Jack Bauer

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9 Responses to “24 – 3am til 4am open thread”


  1. NC Cop says:

    “Will Tony Almeida get his tonight?”

    No, he won’t!! Jack will capture Tony, but refuse to torture him due to the recent release of classified documents by Obama. Jack will be concerned that he will end up in prison for trying to get Tony to talk, so he will only scream at him real loud. Tony will laugh in his face as his nefarious plan is carried out.

    The bio-weapon will be fed into a bi-plane “crop duster” and will fly over Los Angeles killing hundreds of thousands of people.

    As the government moves in to deal with the bio-attack the president will go on tv and talk about how Americans didn’t abandon their ideals through the crisis, and oh, uh, sorry to those hundreds of thousands of people who died, those are the breaks.

  2. steveegg says:

    Tony’s going, going gone in Hour 24.

  3. Who is the lady with the red hair?

  4. steveegg says:

    I believe she’s the one who replaced Hodges’ lawyer.

    The Illuminati has 12 members.

  5. metalhead says:

    FINALLY, Jack got all up in Garafalo’s face. Was a wonder to behold. Thought she might cry!

  6. Lorica says:

    I get the feeling that Tony is under super deep cover to get the illuminati. That in the end it will be uncovered that he is really a patriot. – Lorica

  7. NC Cop says:

    That in the end it will be uncovered that he is really a patriot.

    You think so? He’s killed a few FBI agents, I don’t know how he’ll explain that one.

    Unless………..they’re not dead!

  8. Tango says:

    Well, I was glad to see Chloe back. I just hope her husband doesn’t do something stupid like fail to leave the city with their child “Prescott” as he agreed.

    Poor Jack looks like he really DOES have the mother of all Excedrin headaches, doesn’t he? :((

  9. Lorica says:

    Hey when one is trying to save the world from the ultimate evil a few agents must be sacrificed. At least that is the thinking in Hollywood. Of course I might just be in denial, which is also a river in Egypt. =)) – Lorica