With North Korea sounding the war bells, will the media blame Bush – or Obama?

Posted by: ST on May 27, 2009 at 10:04 am

Michelle Malkin writes this morning about how North Korea has all but fired the first shot against South Korea – and via extension the US, abandoning the 1953 ceasefire in light of the South Korea joining on with the US’ and other countries in anti-proliferation efforts against North Korea and others who might transport WMD.

This is obviously a dangerous situation – and yes, as Malkin noted – this is the time Joe Biden warned us about, when Obama was going to be “tested.” I’m very concerned about what he will and will not say and/or do, and pray that he makes decisions in the coming days with a steady hand and experienced guidance all around him.

That said, where are the steady mainstream media drumbeats about how North Korea’s war-like stance is because of “sabre-rattling” on the part of Obama? You won’t hear the drumbeats, because Democrats in Congress aren’t making any such accusations – unlike they did routinely during Bush’s time in office, when they blamed North Korea’s reconstituting of their nuke programs on Bush and his tough talk towards the Jong-il regime – in spite of the fact that North Korea had alread violated the much-hailed 1994 Carter/Clinton framework Jong-il’s father “agreed to” – shortly after the “agreement” was put in place.

Before, it was all “blame Bush.” Now this is being treated as a serious issue -as it should be, with all hands on deck, Democrats, Republicans, the mainstream media, the American people – all hoping this situation can be resolved peacefully. Where was such cooperation during Bush’s term? Why were the Democrats and the mainstream media so interested in playing the blame game with Bush on North Korea?

No way they’d ever play politics with our national security, right?

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8 Responses to “With North Korea sounding the war bells, will the media blame Bush – or Obama?”


  1. Bear in mind that (via Google news search) there have been 13,800 articles with the words “North Korea threatens war” since 1998. And this is not the first time NoKo has “abrogated” the armistice of 1953: a few minutes’ searching reminded me they had done the same thing in 2003.

    We have to bear in mind a few things: 1) North Korea is all about regime survival — everything is geared toward that. An attack into the South would be suicide. Pyongyang will not do this unless they feel the alternative is the certain end of the regime.

    2) North Korea is a “mountain bandit” state. It survives by oppressing those under its control and extorting what it needs from its neighbors by scaring them. Note that whenever the North wants something, it threatens war — and then it gets what it wants. The pattern has been the same for 20+ years. And that’s exactly what’s happening now: Kim Jong-Il, North Korea’s Psycho-in-Chief Dear Leader wants concessions from Obama, whom he is betting will be desperate to avoid a conflict and thus will give him what he wants. Based on past (and sadly bipartisan) American behavior, my guess is he’s right.

    Look, I’m not discounting the threat posed by the lunatics running the world’s largest prison camp (which is what that nightmare land is), but last night on Twitter I saw Righties running around like headless chickens shouting “War! War!”, clearly ignorant of the history of NoKo “diplomacy.” We don’t do our side any favors when act with less than sober, informed judgment.

    BTW, ST, you’re spot-on about the difference in the Democrats’ reactions then and now. Typical Washington hypocrisy, and a disservice to the nation.

  2. NC Cop says:

    My biggest concern with things like this are the possibilities of accidents or misunderstandings. One wrong shot, one plane strays off course, or one ship strays too close to a nervous N. Korean commander and it’s on.

    I agree with Anthony’s assessment of N. Korea’s “official” intent. Whenever things like this happen though there is an increased chance of something going horribly wrong. Can you imagine the amount of stress that N. Korean military commanders endure? I’m afraid all it will take is one commander to be more concerned about the backlash of failure, rather than the consequences of an aggressive reaction.

  3. NC Cop,

    I was reminded of something else while reading elsewhere: the NoKo military may itself have other ideas about committing suicide and instead would help the Dear Leader along to the afterlife, should he give the order to invade the South.

  4. NC Cop says:

    Now, THAT, would be a great ending!!!

    I have been wondering for years why it hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps this latest insanity will be enough for them to step up.

  5. Tango says:

    Since the 1950s, the world (and this certainly includes the US) have “kicked the can down the road” with respect to the DPRK, happily leaving the problem to future generations.

    This time it may be different. For one thing, the nuclear genie is out of Pyongyang’s bottle. That changes everything. Second, it is pretty much agreed that Kim’s health is failing, and he has certain ‘legacy’ issues he’s determined to act upon. How far he’ll go only time will tell.

    As for BarryO, he’s a half-a-loaf kinda guy. Reactive, definitely not proactive. He’ll only act if he’s forced to. By then it will be much too late for an awful lot of people.

    We have (at the moment) a peacetime president at exactly the point in time when we need a wartime president. I’d like to be proven wrong, but I learned long ago that the trend is almost always your friend.

  6. Serfer62 says:

    Has OHbama surrendered yet?

  7. J.P. says:

    I have a good friend here in town who is a colonel in the Marine Reserves, and he spent three weeks in Korea year before last formulating and refining the allied response to an invasion from the north. I am dying to ask him what he has to say about the current situation, but I’m afraid he’ll tell me something inappropriate and then have to kill me.

    One thing he said sticks with me – my friend is a VERY fit man, and he said the South Koreans were hard to keep up with physically. They are tough cookies, our allies. I know the North has one of the largest armies in the world, but I suspect the South is tougher, better motivated, and better fed.


  8. Hell yes they’d blame Bush. I’m shocked it has not happened yet!