David Brooks

Posted by: ST on July 7, 2009 at 10:03 pm

My love for Obama keeps getting stronger

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2 Responses to “David Brooks”


  1. Persecutor says:

    In the words of that immortal philosopher Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”.

  2. Lorica says:

    But the dignity code itself has been completely obliterated. The rules that guided Washington and generations of people after him are simply gone.

    We can all list the causes of its demise. First, there is capitalism. We are all encouraged to become managers of our own brand, to do self-promoting end zone dances to broadcast our own talents. Second, there is the cult of naturalism. We are all encouraged to discard artifice and repression and to instead liberate our own feelings. Third, there is charismatic evangelism with its penchant for public confession. Fourth, there is radical egalitarianism and its hostility to aristocratic manners.

    This man is so deceived.

    1st Mr. Brooks, was there no capitalism in Washington’s time?? Your 2nd justification is a liberal problem, not a conservative. 3rd is also a liberal problem. They are the ones that believe we should all come out of our closets. 4th is also a liberal problem and their class hatred.

    Then he goes on to blah blah blah about Obama, arrogance in the oval office himself. Who was it that told the Republican’s to deal with it cuz he won the election?? Who was it who continues to shrugs off his own responsiblities regarding our present economic climate?? Ohhh yeah Mr. Brooks, Obama is the very personification of diginity and class. – Lorica