Tuesday/Wednesday Open Thread


Ok, I’ve read only a couple of articles about the Michael Jackson memorial spectacle underway right now, and already I’m creeped out. Anyone actually watching it?

Came across a semi-humorous article today on MSN about what they feel are the 10 “worst automotive fads.” I think the worst they mentioned was the one about faux wood paneling. Do you have any to add to the list? Just as I was writing this, I thought of one: Those signs you could put in your car that say things like “Baby On Board.” A joke the late George Carlin made about them years ago comes to mind (language warning):

Heh. From that same show, here’s his routine about the things you experience driving (language warning again). Love it!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday/Wednesday Open Thread

  1. I am so tired of Michael Jackson’s death, that I could careless how he lived. This is the same BS with Anne Nichol Smith. It’s like these guys, the media, don’t want to actually do anything to earn a living so they spounge of other people’s lives. – Lorica

  2. Hehe….good choice of video clip, ST. Carlin’s “What Am I Doing in New Jersey?”

    A question I ask myself often… :d

  3. I would suggest that the US Postage Service issue any possible “Michael Jackson” stamp in the largest domination possible, so as to have these stamps, that will never be used but collected, offset the costs of actual postal service.
    I suggest a stamp for “Global Express Guaranteed®” service which starts at $31.95.
    It may be a lot, but Michael deserves the best … and so do we.

  4. how about the takeover of gm and chrysler by oboma? oh i forgot thats not a fad is it? fads only last for so long

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