Newsflash: Barack Obama is a “quitter,” too

I see the mainstream mediots, far lefties, and Beltway Republicans are still throwing out the words “quitter” and “quitting” with reckless abandon – using them in the most derogatory of ways, insinuating or outright suggesting that Sarah Palin’s days as being a political player in the GOP are “over” because she’s stepping down as Governor of Alaska. I’d like to remind those know-it-alls that our current President is a quitter, too, if that’s the word they want to use.

Had it been up to then-Senator Obama, all combat brigades would have been out of Iraq by March 2008, and the surge would have never happened. In essence, he wanted us to cut our losses, quit, and run from Iraq, in spite of the fact that he knew doing so would lead to genocide on a massive scale. That same Senator “quit” his church when the heat over his “mentor” pastor Rev. Wright got to be too much last May. That same Senator all but “quit” his post as Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on European Affairs, where he held no policy hearings on the role of NATO in Afghanistan. He took the Chair position in January 2007. He announced he was running for President the next month. Bye bye committee. But it sure as hell looked good on his thin resume. Even candidate Joe Biden called Obama out on this in an early debate.

So for those lefties and insider GOPers sneering at Sarah Palin’s resignation from the Governor’s chair in Alaska for what you call “quitting,,” well – look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for another, more prominent quitter whose various forms of quitting didn’t seem to hurt him too much.

It boils down to this: What most liberals and estabslishment Republicans hate (but they won’t admit) about Sarah Palin “quitting” as Gov. of Alaska is the fact that after this news fades away they won’t have her and her kids to kick around as political kickballs as much as they used to. Sure, they’ll still try and keep Levi Johnston on retainer to get “dirt” on Palin that he doesn’t really have, but by that point most liberals and mainstream media types (and Beltway Republicans) will have moved on to More Important Things.

And the beat goes on.


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