Monday Open Thread – and a countdown to the 2 million mark

I’m about 17K visits away from finally at long last hitting the 2 million visit mark, which I’m guesstimating will officially happen in the next couple of weeks. Who will be bringing the bubbly for the big moment when it officially happens? <:-p

12 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread – and a countdown to the 2 million mark

  1. Anthony: You won’t need to bring a pinata, gaffes Biden is a self packer. Just dangle an open microphone from the overhead and stand back. Biden never met a mic he didn’t like………make sure the drag is set.

  2. Congrats ST! 2 million or bust! Just think, if you had a nickel for every visit, you still wouldn’t be able to pay off the interest on the deficit! ;)

  3. Unless she didn’t pay taxes on those nickels, Sev. Then she’d be in line for a cabinet position. :d

  4. Congratulations Dear!!! Remember when you hit the 500K mark all those years ago?? Tough to believe how long you have been blogging. It certainly has been my pleasure watching you all of these years. >:d< Here’s to many more, as long as you have the energy and the heart Dear. – Lorica

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