Politicizing Ted Kennedy’s death

Oh, heck – this was entirely predictable, wasn’t it? Let’s do a rundown of the headlines:

—– Brian Williams: In Lieu of Flowers for Ted, Pass Health Care Reform

—– Chris Matthews Designates Obama as a Kennedy: ‘Barack Is Now the Last Brother’

—– Chris Matthews likens Americas “mood” right now to 1963 – when JFK was assassinated

—– Democrats: Win one for Ted Kennedy on health care reform

—– Sen. Byrd: Health Bill Should be Named for Kennedy

Do Democrat ‘leaders’ and their helpers in the MSM have any shame whatsoever?

Report: “Smash-troturfing” far leftie stages fake “hate crime”

The People’s Press Collective has the definitive link round-up with updates galore on the news of a “hate crime” hoax committed at the DNC’s Denver HQ. Especially interesting to read was the contrast in reactions from the Colorado Democrat Party’s chairwoman before it was alleged to be a “Republican” hate crime against the HQ, and after it was discovered that the perp had extensive ties to left wing groups.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If the opposition really is as bad as they’ve been painted, there would be no need to stage a hate crime in order to “prove” some sort of “point” – and yes, lefties, I mean that even in instances where a conservative has staged a fake “hate crime.” Most of the instances I’ve seen have involved lefties crafting hate crime hoaxes, tho.

Just sayin’ …