4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Kanye West interrupts Obama speech

  1. Yes, where is the Senate on Kanye West?? Why isn’t he getting censured on the house floor for being the racist he is?? Since it is the habit of this busy body Senate and the Queen Bee run house, why aren’t they up in this business?? You would think that dingy Harry would have something to say about this, since he has something to say about everything else. Where the heck is Morine Dowd on this situation?? Just more of the same from these leftist. – Lorica

  2. When does this president do any work? He is on television 24/7 and has comments & opinions on the most mundane issues yet calls out his attack dogs on the grassroots people at townhall meetings and tea parties.

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  4. And this is not the first time for Kayne to do such a thing….why in the world would the VMA folks let him anywhere near the stage???

    On top of that he was drinking from an bottle of “cognac” during the Red Carpet portion with other celebs…what a wholesome example…so I guess Kayne can “blame it on the al-a-al-al-alcohol”.

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